I would recommend my fellow ITA grads and students to take ANY of ITA's Specialty Classes. The Teaching English Online class helped me learn about teaching tools I have never heard of. - ITA Grad Nanet Andrews


Why Take The Teaching ESL Test Prep Skills Course?

Developed by ITA's team of experienced academic experts, the Teaching English Test Prep Skills Specialty Course equips you to take advantage of high-paying opportunities in one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative sectors of international education, estimated to grow to $30 billion worldwide by 2030.

  • Every year, tens of millions worldwide take special classes to prepare for English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC. 
  • Add a highly marketable dimension to your private ESL tutoring business & earn $30-$50 an hour tutoring students for major English proficiency tests (compared to $10-$20 for standard tutoring).
  • Qualify for high-paying teaching jobs at thousands of schools worldwide that specialize in test prep for English proficiency exams.
  • Help your students access life-changing opportunities, like studying in English-speaking countries or qualifying for jobs that require English proficiency. 

How will ITA's new Teaching Test Prep Skills course provide you with the skills you need to excel in this exciting field? 

  • Gain specific skills to provide your students with strategies to maximize their test scores based on factors like test scoring systems.
  • Learn from highly experienced instructors who provide personalized feedback & guidance throughout the course.
  • Boost your resume with specialized training that many other TEFL-certified teachers lack.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of how to get the most out of technology and resources like practice tests.
  • This specially designed curriculum is not specific to any particular exam, so it will prepare you to coach students for a wide variety of the most popular English proficiency exams.

30-Hour Teaching English Test Prep Course

Part-time, 2-week online course that requires 12-15 hours of work a week.

Personalized Feedback & Support

Learn from expert instructors to become the best test prep teacher possible. You'll receive individualized feedback and interact with experienced professors during live instruction and office hours. 

Digital Certificate Awarded at Completion

Earn a digital certificate upon completion of your Teaching English Test Prep Skills course.

Prepare for Success

ESL teachers are increasingly asked to provide private test prep tutoring by local students or get asked to teach test prep at their schools but are too often unprepared to seize this lucrative opportunity. Taking this course will prepare you to best help your students achieve their English education goals.


Who is This Teaching English Test Prep Skills For?

Our teaching English test prep skills course is designed is ideal for students who are TEFL certified and want to enhance their skills and earning potential. You probably want to take this course if any of the following apply to you:

  • You want a part-time English teaching gig earning $30-$50 an hour.
  • You are a private English tutor seeking to expand your opportunities.
  • Students have approached you asking for help prepping for their English proficiency tests.

  • Make yourself more marketable to employers who seek to hire ESL teachers with test-prep teaching skills. 

  • You work with students seeking to study or work in English-speaking countries like the U.S. or U.K.

  • You want to increase your marketability as an English teacher or tutor when you return home to an English-speaking country.  


Bundle a TEFL Course & Save

If you’re not yet TEFL certified, consider bundling the Teaching English Test Prep Skills course with your 11-week part-time or 4-week full-time TEFL certification course. Benefits of bundling include:

  • Save Money: When you register for both a TEFL course and the Test Prep Skills course together, you’ll save an additional $75. You’ll also be eligible for a payment plan that allows you to pay for your courses over time.
  • Learn from the Best: If you’re going to be a teacher, you want to be the best teacher possible. Our instructors have all taught abroad and hold a Master’s or Ph.D. level degree. There’s a reason that GoAbroad.com has rated us the #1 TEFL certification course for several years running.

Here are some additional TEFL Specialty Courses that we recommend bundling to make the most of your English Test Prep Skills course. (Save $50 on each course you bundle with your standard TEFL course!)



Online TEFL Course, as Rated by Goabroad.com


Strong Alumni Network in 80+ Countries

Level 5

Internationally Accredited TEFL Certificate


Job Search Guidance and Support from Your Personal Advisor

Lesson Plan

Teaching Test Prep Skills Course Content

This course has been specially designed to provide all course graduates with the tools to succeed in preparing students for a wide range of common English language proficiency tests. It incorporates the latest in teaching methodology and best practices. 

What You Will Learn During The Course

  • Gain a strong understanding of test structures for major standardized proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, & TOEIC. 

  • Identify the most important test-taking skills for major standardized proficiency tests.

  • Identify language skills and subskills for major standardized proficiency tests.

  • Plan structured activities and lessons that target specific standardized test prompts and sections.

  • Preparing your students for testing in skills areas like reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

  • Provide your students with strategies and tips to maximize their test scores based on factors like test scoring systems and the testing environment.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of how to get the most out of tools and resources like practice tests.

  • Coaching your students on how to mentally prepare for their proficiency exams, including how to detail with test-taking anxiety.

Learn more: Teaching Test Prep Skills Class Syllabus for a full, comprehensive overview of the course content, including chapter breakdowns, task outlines, grading scales, and course policies.

Course Details

Teach English Online Course Details

Length of Training

2 weeks part-time (typically 12-15 hours per week of work).

This course includes 30 hours of online coursework, which includes readings, tasks, and peer participation. You will receive a separate digital certificate from what you receive for your standard TEFL course.

Class Size & Facilities

Classes are capped at 20 students to ensure personal attention and maintain the highest standards of instruction.

Peer-to-peer Interaction

Teachers learn from other teachers and students learn from other students. This class is designed to facilitate productive peer-to-peer interaction. 

Interactive Features

This course features one live lecture, and the instructor is available for office hours; however, there is no required live time, and students can access recorded elements on the course website.

Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements

This course will be delivered entirely online through the course management system Moodle. In Moodle, students will access online lessons, course materials, tasks, and resources. All tasks will be posted in an online forum and students will need to submit written assignments online.

Course Textbook

Textbook for Your Teaching Test Prep Skills Course

All of your course reading materials, assignments, and quizzes will be available to you online. However, you can purchase a copy of the course textbook if you choose. 

Course Dates & Registration

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling, we strongly recommend that you are concurrently enrolled in an accredited TEFL certification, are already certified, or have experience teaching ESL. Not yet TEFL certified? Get in touch with us. You can bundle our TEFL certification course with this specialty course and save an additional $75. 

International TEFL Academy's Lifetime Job Guidance and support, access to our alumni community, and our high-quality accreditation are only available to students and alumni of our online and in-person standard TEFL certification courses.

We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.

Stand Out as a Top English Proficiency Test Prep Teacher

Enhance Your Proficiency Test Teaching Skills

Teaching students how to prepare for critical ESL proficiency tests requires a unique skill set. From the use of technology to lesson planning, take your test prep teaching skills to a new level that will serve both you and your students.

Boost Your Resume

Employers and students want to hire the best teachers with the highest levels of skills and training. Set yourself apart from thousands of other English teachers looking to teach proficiency test prep who only possess a regular TEFL certification and no specific training for teaching test prep skills. 

Change Lives & Make a Difference

Teaching test preparation may not seem glamorous, but for millions worldwide, obtaining a high enough score on proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, & TOEIC can unlock life-altering opportunities. As an expert test prep teacher, you possess the power to truly impact the lives of your students in a profound and meaningful way. 

Prepare Yourself for a Fast-Changing & Diverse Job Market

The fast-growing market for English language proficiency test preparation is estimated to reach $27.8 billion by 2023. Get advanced training now to prepare yourself to take full advantage of the opportunities opening up in the growing field of English test preparation skills.

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Ask ITA's Director of Academics

Sarah Kalert,  Head of Academics at International TEFL Academy.
Sarah has a Master's in English - TEFL/TESL and has taught English abroad in Chile.

What should I look for in a teaching English test prep skills course?

Look for a course offered by a reputable institution with a comprehensive curriculum that is taught by experienced instructors who can provide personalized feedback. With International TEFL Academy, you’ll learn from and interact with Master’s and Ph.D. level instructors with years of experience. 

I think you should also look for a test prep skills training course that is not exam-specific.  In ITA's course, you explore and learn how to teach students to prepare for a multitude of the most common proficiency tests and exams, including: 

  • Cambridge (individual level exams for CERF levels)
  • Duolingo

Why do I need a special course to learn how to prepare students for exams?

Passing a major language exam requires more than just language skills, and that's why tens of millions of students worldwide are willing to pay big bucks (or yen, or Euros, or won.....) to gain every advantage they can. 

This course will teach you specific skills to best prepare your students to succeed in their exams. For example, you will learn:

  • How proficiency exams like TOEFL and IELTS are uniquely structured and which skill sets and strategies students should focus on depending on which exam students are taking. 
  • Planning structured activities and lessons that target specific standardized test prompts and prepare students for sections in significant areas like reading, writing, and listening comprehension.
  • Coaching students on how to prepare for the test environment, which may be new and stressful.
  • Analyzing a student's strengths and weaknesses and how they can best prepare for their exam accordingly.

These are invaluable skills in the field of test prep, and you won't gain them with a standard TEFL certification.

Also, schools and students seek to hire and pay teachers specifically trained to prepare students for English proficiency exams.

Taking a course like this will not only improve your skill set, it will boost your resume and set you apart in the eyes of employers from those who only have a standard TEFL certification. It could also have a positive impact on your paycheck as well. 


Can I teach English test prep skills without a degree?

Yes, you can teach English test prep skills without a degree! While some schools that specialize in test prep training do require degrees, many are looking simply to hire those with the best teacher training and experience.  Also, there are many lucrative opportunities in the private tutoring sector that do not require a degree. 

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