Meet The International TEFL Academy Instructors

international tefl academy instructor

Juliana Angelina

Online TEFL Class Professor

What class do you teach at International TEFL Academy & when did you start?

I have taught the Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Course since January 2018.

What is your educational background?

Bachelors of Arts in English Language and Literature

Masters of Education

Doctor of Jurisprudence

Where have you taught abroad AND IN THE U.S.?

I have taught overseas in China and Japan.  In the U.S. I have taught high school English and ESL in Michigan and Arizona.


TEFL Certification International TEFL Academy

What countries have you visited?

Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Iceland,
Bahamas and Mexico

What's your favorite travel memory?

My favorite memory is probably being involved in a police chase on Jeju in South Korea. I was riding in the police car and they were chasing down a bus because it had driven off without me and it was the last bus to the airport that day. After two attempts to get the bus to stop, they finally got in front of it and cut off all traffic just so that I could get out and get on the bus. They really care about their tourists!

What Advice Do You Have for ITA Students Who Want to Teach English Abroad? 

Have fun. Go outside of your comfort zone. Take risks. Recognize that being a teacher doesn't mean that you're done learning. Make as many friends as you can, and take as many pictures as you can. You'll be talking about these experiences for the rest of your life!

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