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International TEFL Academy Professor

Jennifer Fong

Online TEFL Class Professor

What class do you teach at International TEFL Academy & when did you start?

I have taught the Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Course since 2013.

What is your educational background?

- M.A. in Writing and Pedagogy, Central Michigan University, Northern Michigan University

- TEFL certification, DePaul University, Chicago

Where else have you taught ESL?

USA - I have taught ESL in the US
Overseas – I have taught in South Korea and Vietnam

What subjects have you taught other than ESL?

 Currently I teach at Ferris State University in Michigan, teaching Freshman and Sophomore English.

What's Your Favorite Travel Memory?

There are too many! Most recently, I intentionally set out to do a loner excursion to the Philippines – I met three kindred spirits, two from Norway and one from Brazil - I love how much in common I always feel with people I meet while travelling! I think solo trips teach you about who you really are/want to be and everyone should be required to do a few of them.

International TEFL Academy Instructor


What countries have you visited?

I have travelled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Morocco, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Ireland, Scotland, London – and so many plans for more!

What Advice Do You Have for ITA Students Who Want to Teach English Abroad? 

Don’t be afraid to try the countries that aren’t everyone’s first choice – South Korea was a pragmatic choice for me because I wanted to pay off a lot of debt, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. It is my favorite food/culture, and the people were so great! I would go back in a heartbeat.

"I’m happy to share my story in hopes of helping other
International TEFL students connect to the world."

International TEFL Academy Professor