Melinda Gordon | Online TEFL Course Instructor

Melinda Morgan TEFL Course Instructor

What classes do you teach at International TEFL Academy?

I’m delighted to teach the Online TEFL course.

What is your educational background?

  • I have a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language from Northern Arizona University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications-Media Studies from DePaul University.

  • I hold an English Language Teaching Management Certificate from TESOL International Association.

  • I completed my CELTA Certificate training at the British Council in Mumbai, India.

Where have you taught?

I have taught ESL to international university students in the US at the University of Denver and at Northern Arizona University. I have taught EFL to adults in a suburb of Seoul, South Korea for one year. In Casablanca, Morocco, I taught EFL to adults and teens for one year. In Puerto Aysen, Patagonia Chile, I taught EFL to school-aged children in grades 3-8 for one year.

What countries have you visited?

I have visited Andorra, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Panama, Scotland, Seychelles, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, and Vietnam.

What is your favorite travel memory?

When I was living and teaching in Morocco, I did a solo, multi-day hiking trip in the Atlas mountains, starting from the village of Imlil. Walking through Berber villages and through the absolutely stunning Atlas was like being in another world and another time period. It was beyond beautiful, and the Berbers were so friendly and welcoming. I would recommend adding “drinking Moroccan mint tea” to your travel bucket list!

What advice do you have for ITA students who want to teach English abroad?

Spend your entire paycheck traveling around the region where you are teaching! Don’t save money for later--carpe diem, this is your big chance! Go, go, go, explore, explore, explore!

Melinda Gordon TEFL Course Instructor
International TEFL Academy Melinda Gordon
ITA TEFL Course Instructor Melinda Gordon
Teach English Abroad Melinda Gordon
TEFL Melinda Gordon
International TEFL Academy Melinda Gordon

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