Christina Marrero | Online TEFL Course Instructor

Christina Marrero | Online TEFL Course Instructor

What classes do you teach at International TEFL Academy?

I teach the Online TEFL Certification Course and have been with ITA since June, 2020.

What is your educational background?

  • Texas State University- Bachelor Degree in French 

  • Texas State University- Bachelor Degree in International Studies with a Business focus

  • City College of New York (CUNY)- Masters Degree in Teaching Speakers to Other Languages

Where have you taught?

Long-term in all the places listed below except where noted with camps which were short-term:

  • The Bronx, New York

  • Summer camp in Taiwan

  • Winter camp in South Korea

  • Chile, South America

  • Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Colombia, South America

  • Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

What countries have you visited?

U.S., Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Antigua, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, The Bahamas, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Spain, Monaco, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, & Cambodia.

What is your favorite travel memory?

Too many to count… love to taste exotic fruits in markets in various countries, love to think about how you can be in one place but really if you did not know better, the place looks exactly like another place on Earth (off the beaten path in Thailand like the Dominican Republic, Chile like NW USA, the beaches of Mallorca, Spain like the waters of southern Thailand)... and my favorite stories to tell: stuck in Taiwan because of the worst typhoon in a long time OR turning 30 on Machu Pichu after a 4-day hike to get there

What advice do you have for ITA students who want to teach English abroad?

Make it happen! Take the steps to get yourself there because you will not regret it… and, in the end, it will change your life as much or more than your students’ lives. Live and learn the language and culture while you are there- don’t just teach them yours! It goes by before you know it, so seize the moments of learning from the very start (like now while you are looking into what to do, where to go, how to get there, etc.)

Christina Marrero TEFL Instructor ITA
Teach English Abroad Christina Marrero
ITA TEFL Instructor Christina Marrero

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