What is there to do for fun while teaching English in Korea?

What is there to do for fun while teaching English in Korea?

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From stunning natural beauty, dynamic cities and thousands of years history and culture, to fantastic cuisine and world class nightlife, Korea offers foreign English teachers a wealth of new and fun experiences.  Whether you enjoy hiking, going to baseball games, or playing jazz in a funk bank, Korea offers something for everybody.  Here are just some of the attractions you can look forward to when you embark on your adventure of teaching English in Korea.

Exploring thousands of years of Korean history & culture

While Korea is exceedingly modern (it was recently named the most technologically advanced country in the world), it also offers generations of culture and tradition. From the imperial grandeur of Changdeokgung Palace and the timeless spirituality of Jongmyo Shrine to the charming traditional villages of Namsangol Hanok, you will encounter numerous opportunities to explore Korea’s rich cultural traditions.

Attend Local Festivals 

From green tea and kimchi to mud and soju (Korea’s national spirit), Koreans hold colorful festivals to celebrate nearly aspect of their culture and country.

Fantastic nightlife 

From sports bars, discos and karaoke lounges to jazz clubs and poetry readings, Korean cities like Seoul and Busan offer night-time excitement rivaling just about anything you might find in Chicago, New York or Berlin.  Due to the large population of English-speaking foreigners, a fair number of bars and clubs cater primarily to Korea’s western expatriates, but joining the locals for a few rounds of soju (Korea’s national liquor) and conversation will definitely need to be on your agenda. For an idea of what's going on, check out http://groovekorea.com/.

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Outdoor recreation 

From thousands of miles of coastline to stunning mountains, Korea is, believe it or not, a haven for lovers of the outdoors. Koreans venerate nature and hiking in particular is a national pastime.  The country is covered with national parks and forests offering innumerable opportunities for outdoor recreation, including mountain biking, kayaking, bungee jumping, skiing, mountain biking and even surfing and scuba diving.  For a taste of outdoor recreational opportunities in Korea, check out Adventure Korea, which arranges a myriad of organized activities and excursions throughout Korea.


From soccer and baseball to golf, Koreans are sports crazy.  Soccer and baseball in particular are popular spectator sports, but the national sport is the martial art of taekwando.  Winter sport enthusiasts will be excited to know that the Korean mountain city of Pyeongchang has been named to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Eating out

Dining out is a favorite social activity of Koreans.  Boasting a wide ranging cuisine that incorporates a broad variety of fresh vegetables, grilled and stewed meats, and seafood so fresh that it may still be moving when it gets to you plate, Korean cuisine if a food lover’s delight. Meals provide an opportunity for friends and family to gather and many dishes – like Korean bbq – are interactive, which only enhances its social value.

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What is there to do for fun while teaching English in Korea?
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