TEFL Spain: Interview with Beatriz Sánchez of the Meddeas Program

Learn more about the Meddeas Program for teaching English in Spain in public schools with a focus on the recruiting process.

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Meddeas Language Assistant Programs offer the opportunity to recent graduates to spend one academic year teaching English in a school in Spain as a language assistant program that recruits for public schools all over Spain. English teachers participating in this program can expect to get 330€ - 930€ ($380 - $1,070 USD) per month, depending on their qualifications and whether housing will be provided to them via a host family. There is no application fee associated with this program for teaching English in Spain.

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To qualify for this program, participants must be native English speakers and possess a recentuniversity degree (within the past four years), a clean criminal record check, and references. Please note that recruiting doesn’t typically begin for these positions until the end of October!

To learn more about the Meddeas Program and the application process, check out this interview with Beatriz Sánchez, who works on the program's recruiting team.


ITA: We’ve heard that Meddeas’ programs are very competitive. Is it true?

Beatriz Sánchez: We have a very demanding selection process, yes. The program is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with no fees and TEFL studies included, so we look for the very best candidates to bring to our schools in Spain.

Tell us, what makes your programs unique?

We offer recent graduates who are native English, German or French speakers, the opportunity to spend one academic year teaching their native language in Spain. We give them a place in one of our private or charter schools, where they practice conversation skills with the students. They receive a monthly stipend that allows them to cover expenses and live comfortably as young professionals.

And does the program include any teaching training?

Yes. So far, just this is worth considering. But I’d highlight exactly that: we enroll our participants in teaching studies, fully covered by the program. So, this is a great place for those who want to pursue further education and gain international experience. And they don’t have to pay any fees.

Sounds good for those who are up for the challenge.

That's right. It's a great opportunity, especially for excellent profiles. We are looking for people who want to grow, who demand a lot of themselves, and who say yes to challenges.

Meddeas Program for teaching English in Spain

So, what is the best thing about Meddeas Language Assistant Programs in Spain?

The possibility of gaining international teaching experience, covered by the program, with a paid university course, and in the incomparable Spanish culture.

What are the requirements to apply?

Being a native English speaker. We also accept native French and German speakers. And having obtained a bachelor's degree within the last 4 years. All of this is mandatory due to VISA requirements.

Do you need a TEFL certificate to join?

No, you don’t. But we value it. We have a specific path within the programs for participants who hold a TEFL certificate.

What is the profile of the typical participant you have?

People who dare to say yes to challenges. We seek candidates who have a thirst for more. Also, we seek people who have good social and communication skills. They must be flexible and know how to adapt to what the school asks of them. They know how to behave as professionals and have the initiative to get going without needing someone who continually has to tell them what to do.


What are the school hours for a Language Assistant?

To be in the school from 9 to 5 with gaps between hours, Monday to Friday. They also have a 2-hour break in between to have lunch. We Spaniards take mealtimes very seriously! Within that time frame, they will teach around 20 hours per week.

What’s the stipend amount that participants in the Meddeas Program receive?

It depends on the type of program they join, the teaching hours per week, and the lodging option. It varies between €860 and €1118 if you live independently. In Spain, this is more than enough to pay all of your expenses, live comfortably as a young professional, and even travel a bit around the country and Europe.

Is there any fee to join the programs?

There are no fees. But we ask for a €1,000 deposit that is fully refunded at the end, provided that the program is successfully completed.

Applying for the Meddeas Program for teaching English in Spain

How long does the program last?

In general, the program lasts one academic year: from September to June. There is also a shorter option: from January to June. But we encourage participants to join in September because there are more placements available.

What are the lodging options?

Participants can live in an apartment on their own, which they find for themselves, or with aESL Teaching Programs in Spain Spanish host family that the school provides.

Can you choose the city in which you want to be placed?

No. Candidates must be willing to receive a position in any part of the country. They can show their preferences: whether they prefer north or south of the country or large or small cities. We will take them into account. But at no time do we assure them.

As head of the recruiting process, what advice would you give to applicants?

Apply to our program if you are looking for a stimulating challenge that will make you grow like never before, then this is your battlefield.

You can read more about Meddeas and other assistantship programs for teaching English in Spain here.

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