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Teach English in Asia's World City: Hong Kong

Known for its stunning skyline, bustling street life  and fantastic cuisine, Hong Kong is a city of contrasts where East and West truly meet. A modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan center of world commerce and finance, Hong Kong also offers plenty of traditional culture, colorful street life and great cuisine and shopping. Its history and its present have been shaped by Cantonese Chinese and British influences, but as a city of the world, this is place where you can meet people and eat food from nearly every corner of the globe from Vietnam to Italy.

Ruled by Britain from 1841 - 1997, Hong Kong is now officially part of China, but retains its own government, law, immigrations controls and financial system. While its population is Chinese and speaks primarily Cantonese, Hong Kong's British roots and its role as an international center of trade and finance translate into huge demand for English skills and English teachers. That’s why if you want to live in this fantastic city, teaching English in Hong Kong may provide you with the opportunities you are looking for.

Here are just some of the highlights that will await you!

The Famous Hong Kong Skyline

Featuring scores of ultra-modern skyscrapers overlooking Victoria Harbor, it is easy to see why Hong Kong's skyline on of the most impressive in the world. The skyscrapers arched around the water of the Victoria Harbor host the “Symphony of lights” which is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show that you can enjoy it from Victoria Peak every night for ten minutes.

The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

Home to one of the world’s largest statues of Buddha (standing more than 100 feet), this monastery provides a perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong and to experience the natural, peaceful and spiritual side of the city. Located at the peak of the Muyu Mountain, it’s a perfect place to delight yourself exploring perfectly landscaped gardens and enjoying fantastic views over the lush greenery of Lantau Island, the South China Sea and the lights gliding over the Hong Kong Airport.

Hong Kong's Colorful Markets

Even if there are 7-Elevens and supermarkets on every corner, Hong Kong boasts some of the most colorful and authentic traditional markets in Asia, and a visit to any presents fantastic opportunities to experience authentic Hong Kong culture and food.  “Apliu Street Market” is the place to find antique clocks, coins and second hand electronic devices. “Temple Street Night Market” is perfect for savoring authentic street food and taking in classic Hong Kong scenes like old men gambling on games of Chinese chess.

Nathan Road

Perhaps the most famous and most photographed street in Hong Kong, Nathan Road is a national icon renowned for its fantastic neon lights, endless shops, and bustling restaurants in heart of the commercial district of Tsim sha Tsui.

Sik Sik Youen Won Tai Sin Temple

Temples offer great opportunities to experience and learn about traditional spiritual life in Hong Kong. While the city is a worldwide symbol of the globalized, high-tech economy of the 21st century, temples remain an integral part of life for most Hong Kongers and provide a link to their spiritual and cultural roots. Temples also host major festivals and other major events and rituals that provide great insight into traditional Chinese culture and spirituality.

The Won Tai sin temple’s claim is that every wish made here will come true. This beautiful, colorful and gracefully decorated building also provides a perfect example of traditional Chinese art and architecture.

Hong Kong Arts & Film and the Avenue of Stars

February and March are the months to celebrate culture in Hong Kong, when special events are held all around the city, including film festivals, art exhibits, musical performances and more. A favorite place to congregate is the "Avenue of Stars," which pays tribute to names like Jackie Chan that have made Hong Kong one of the top film-producing countries in the world, earning it the nickname, the “Hollywood of the East”. Here you can check out commemorative plaques, celebrity handprints, and even a life-size statue of Bruce Lee, all bringing to life the glamour and history of Hong Kong’s legendary film industry.

Hong Kong is one of the world's most exciting cities to live, work or travel.  If you are looking to teach English in China, take a look at Hong Kong and strike your own pose as an international English teacher. 

If you are considering teaching English in Asia contact us for a free brochure and to learn about International TEFL Academy TEFL Certification options and the great possibilities for you to teach English in Hong Kong and Asia.

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