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Live the Island Life as an English Teacher in Malaysia

A sumptuous culture comprised of Chinese, Indian, and native Malay influences, everything about Malaysia- from it’s delicious cuisine to astonishing collection of wildlife- suggests a land teeming with vibrancy and life.

Many ingredients and many people fuse together in this tropical paradise, and as a result the country itself is a veritable buffet of cosmopolitan cafes, clubs, and colorful natural getaways. For an experience you (and your taste buds) won’t soon forget, become TEFL certified and work as an English teacher in Malaysia.

Here it isn’t only the jungle that’s hot and steamy. Nasi lemak, Malaysia’s “national dish”, is comprised of rice cooked in coconut milk and served with chicken, anchovies, cucumber, a boiled egg, and spicy-but-flavorful sambal curry.

Many of today’s modern Malaysian cities were once important hubs of the global spice trade, leaving behind a flourishing legacy of savory recipes. An international array of merchants, from Germany to Siam, came to Malaysia to conduct business. In addition to regional native South Asian fares, remnants of Dutch, Portuguese and British culinary preferences remain imbedded in Malaysia’s unique palate. 

Get TEFL Certified and teach English in MalaysiaWorking as an English teacher in Malaysia will allow you to immerse yourself in the multifaceted culture of this tropical paradise. As with many countries in Asia, jobs in Malaysia for native English instruction are in high demand. Most Malaysian schools prefer an in-person interview before hiring, though throughout the country numerous schools, language centers, and colleges are constantly looking for capable teaching staff. Put in the effort and you'll quickly find a position that suits you, your personal interests, and qualifications.

Jobs teaching English in Asia and Malaysia will require a TEFL certification. After securing a position, you’ll find that many schools offer free or subsidizing housing, and some (but not all) will also cover airfare. The Malay people are openly gracious and hospitable, as such, home-stays are typically an option for English teachers in Malaysia. Positions tend to be centralized in larger cities, primarily Kuala Lumpur, Borneo, Penang, Sarawak and Sabah.

One of South Asia’s most dynamic cities, Kuala Lumper , or “KL” as most locals refer to it, is a bustling metropolis of eclectic architecture and modern luxury. Highly westernized, mosques sit beside towering skyscrapers and in between shopping malls. You can choose to join the crowds at one of the markets in KL’s popular Chinatown district, or get lost in solitude within one of the many parks that dot the city limits. See the entire city from above on the observation deck atop one of the tallest buildings in Asia, the Menara KL. A fascinating multicultural and multireligious blend, Kuala Lumpur is sure to capture your imagination.

Teach English in Malaysia TEFL

Beyond the borders of its urban jungles, most of the Malaysian countryside is covered in the real thing, bursting with life and unspoiled beauty. Filled with animals most have only seen in the confines of a zoo- orangutans, electric-blue parrots, and pygmy elephants- Malaysia gives visitors a chance to leave with a new appreciation of the natural world. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will appreciate the county’s tempting array of tropical islands, many of which lie beside magnificent stretches of coral reef.

Open yourself up the fantastic opportunity to explore a new culture from an idyllic, exotic vantage point. Offering both gorgeous scenery and sumptuous cuisine, this is a country worth taking a closer look at.

With a TEFL certificate, you can live, work, and explore Malaysia as a local.


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