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Cover Your Start Up Costs By Teaching English Online

Cover Your Start Up Costs By Teaching English Online
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There are lots of different ways to save up money before going on your adventure abroad. Some pick up extra hours at their job to make extra cash, and some cut out the daily Starbucks run to cut back on spending. However, there is a new opportunity for people who are looking to build up that cushion before leaving the country.

Why is there a demand for online teaching?

Online teaching is an industry that is growing rapidly. With the demand for English teachers as high as it is all around the world, people are looking for alternative ways to learn and practice their English. With all the advancements in technology and more people having internet access, learning English online is the best option for thousands of students all around the world. From adults in Europe to businessmen in the Middle East to college students in South America, people are all over the world are using online learning platforms to refine their English skills.

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Save Money While Gaining Experience (and confidence)

So not only are you making roughly $16-20/hour on a schedule you have created for yourself, but another enormous benefit to teaching online as a way to cover your start-up costs is that you are getting real teaching practice. Many people who have the dream of teaching English abroad don’t have any previous teaching experience. Teaching online gives you that experience. It is an incredible opportunity to get comfortable making lesson plans and assessing students. Imagine how much more confident you will be during interviews when you can say you have been teaching for the last six months. You are killing three birds with one stone here; save money, refine your teaching skills, gain experience for your resume.

Can I really make my own schedule?

Yes. Many online teaching platforms allow you to choose your own hours. This gives you the opportunity to squeeze in lessons whenever you have time. Between class, before or after work, really anytime you have a free hour, you can be earning money towards your start-up costs. Some online teaching companies will want you to work certain prime hours, which can be tricky with the time difference (or perfect if you are looking to make some cash during off-hours in North America), but for the most part, you are choosing when you work.

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Take your students with you!

Another amazing thing about teaching online to help cover your start-up costs is that you can take your students with you! This is especially great for people who are going to countries where you find a job on the ground. You can leave on your adventure knowing that you already have some income from your online students.


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