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 Testimonal from Jenn who loved the Online TEFL class. 
See Jenn's full review on International TEFL Academy
and why she is going to teach English in South Korea here.


Testimonial from Alicia who is a certified public school teacher in the United States.


In addition to the testimonials below, read about our ITA alumni in their Q&A who are now teaching English abroad and talk about their Online TEFL class and how the training prepared them for their current job.

Here are more testimonials Alumni Q&A and Alumni Articles from students now teaching who took the online TEFL class and talk about how their training prepared them for their English teaching position.

“ThInternational tefl academy online class testimonialank you for helping me fulfill one of my dreams.”

"The International TEFL Academy has exceeded my expectations! The class was very interesting and I feel prepared to teach English abroad.”

“Todd was a great instructor and his assignments continued to hold my interest of living abroad.”

“After taking the TEFL course online, I plan on teaching in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.”

David W
Age: 34
St. Rialto California

Cal State University - San Bernadino                



“I decided to take the online course through International TEFL Academy in order to begin my career overseas and I love the fact that they have job guidance assistance.”

I chose International TEFL Academy after talking to my advisor who gave me some great advice and encouragement. He was very prompt in getting in touch with me after my request and I really liked the fact that I didn't get the feeling I was being 'sold'."

“I really wanted this opportunity, but still wanted to keep my full-time job and save money for my amazing adventure.”

“I was really nervous going into an online class having never done one before but I found that I enjoy it more than I ever thought. The online course through International TEFL Academy is easy to use and I learned a ton.”

“Kristin Jones (my professor) was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with clear examples during class. I received a pleasing amount of feedback and grades were given back to me quickly. Overall, she was great and very encouraging.”

“I’m really happy with how this course ran. I would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of education.

Megan T
Age: 22
Woodland, WA


International TEFL Academy Course Reviews Testimonials“I chose the International TEFL Academy as my TEFL training school because it offers all online training and provides students with a professor throughout the course.”

“My instructor, Kristin, was highly knowledgeable in understanding what it takes to be an English teacher abroad, and her exercises were clear and concise! I was able to look at my grades and helpful feedback quickly after the assignment.”

“I’m extremely satisfied with my instructor’s effectiveness in teaching. Her syllabus was clear and outlined all course expectations. She provided an environment in which it is safe to seek help, ask questions, or express opinions. She graded assignments fairly, and kept the course extremely interesting.

“I really enjoyed the online forum aspect of the class. Being able to communicate with other students, get ideas from other students' posts, and get constant feedback really helped me to maximize my learning!”

“I also like the pattern that the course content follows. It allows me to group styles of learning together.”

“I feel prepared to teach English abroad after the interesting coursework and great instructors that the International TEFL Academy provided.”

“I plan on teaching in South Korea and I would like to live overseas immediately upon completing the course and getting hired… I have really enjoyed this class and can't wait to start teaching abroad!”

Kalyn T
Age: 22
Orlando, FL
University of Central Florida


International TEFL Academy Course Reviews TestimonialsA trusted friend easily set me up with International TEFL Academy and my online course.”

“Kristin, my instructor, provided grades and feedback in a timely matter. All questions I had via email were responded quickly and with helpful answers… Kristin was amazing!”

My advice for International TEFL Academy: “Keep up the good work!”

Nick L
Pensacola Beach, FL


“I loved the idea of living abroad AND having a great career. Teaching English overseas would allow me to explore different countries and cultures while providing an education.”

“As soon as I began the process of looking into teaching abroad, I was able to learn a lot through the information that was provided by International TEFL Academy.  The country charts and statistics gave me a good idea of my options. My advisor, Kristin, was very helpful, and I felt she could answer any question I had.”

"My TEFL instructor, Todd was very helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in getting back to me with all of my questions."

Jamie S
Age: 23
Hinesburg, VT
University of Vermont


"It seemed like I could explore our beautiful world if I got a TEFL certificate.The International TEFL Academy was the most accessible program for me. I really want to get to know different cultures.”

“I found the experience with International TEFL Academy worth the cost because my instructor, Kristin - was fantastic!”

“Kristin is great at giving feedback and responding to questions in a timely manner. She was able to answer any questions I had and really stimulated my interest in teaching English overseas.”

“I plan on going to live and teach overseas in Zaragoza, Spain.”

Tami W
Age: 30
Brooklyn, NY


"International TEFL Academy guided me through my online course and sparked my interest to teach overseas above and beyond!”

“My advisor John, was very helpful in giving me all the information I needed and also explained thoroughly what the program offers, how they will help me in job guidance, and the benefit of taking a TEFL course with International TEFL Academy.”

“John assured me that this is a university level course and prepares you for teaching abroad. Also, the job placement assistance made the International TEFL Academy more appealing.”

“The course assignments are getting me excited to begin teaching English abroad. The assignments on creating lesson plans seem to be very useful.”

Ida V
Age: 25
San Jose, CA
BA- University of California
MA- San Diego State University


“I met with my International TEFL Academy advisor, Ian, at the office in Chicago and he gave me great information about the course and opportunities abroad. Ian was always accessible and available for any questions or concerns I had.”

“My instructor gives very good feedback! She is very knowledgeable and provides clear, real-life examples. I received immediate feedback with all assignments and questions I had.”

“The class participation conducted by Kristin was great and I was encouraged to express my opinion and ask questions.”

“I’m extremely satisfied with Kristin’s teaching! During my studies at International TEFL Academy, I found the self-checks located throughout the course helpful and relevant to the course reading material.”

“The online TEFL course content is very helpful.”

The course assignments were interesting and the entire program stimulated my interest in teaching English overseas!

Charles B
Age: 24
Chicago, IL

Purdue University



International TEFL Academy Course Reviews TestimonialsOne of the main reasons I chose International TEFL academy was because my advisor told me a lot about how they provide help finding jobs where we want to teach and they help with resumes. I also chose it because of the price and the length of the course. It fit into my budget and schedule.”

“Taking this course has been a wonderful experience.”

“There's nothing I would do to improve the program. Everything was very helpful.”

Rebecca S
Age: 25
Lawrenceville, NJ
Lee University (TN)



“I happened upon this site one day. As I read what an amazing opportunity teaching English abroad can be, I decided to go for it! The International TEFL Academy provided me with an online course that taught me what I need to be a successful teacher overseas.”

“When I called for more information, they not only offered me all the information I wanted, but also what I needed to help me make decisions for my future.”

“Since my advisor, John, was not in when I called, I spoke with someone else. However, my advisor was very kind and called me back as soon as he got back in the office to see if I had received all the help that I needed.”

"After finishing my course, I’m ready to become an effective ESL teacher."

Lisha H
Age: 19
Guelph, Ont, CANADA


“I could not wait to start my online course with the International TEFL Academy after speaking with my advisor Kristin in Chicago, but she also was AWESOME. Super helpful, prompt, very cordial and friendly. She helped me make decisions and was very supportive.”

My instructor provided me with an awesome experience throughout the journey. Not only was she a dedicated instructor, she clearly demonstrated knowledge on the subject matter and provided clear examples for assignments.”

Michelle H
Age: 26
Seattle, WA
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point


“The International TEFL Academy was the only program I considered because of the aid the company offers when deciding where to teach and it seems to be the most reputable service.”

“I knew this course was beneficial to my needs after speaking with my advisor, Kristin Catral. She made me feel like I could always contact her if I had any questions and that made a good impression on me- about the company and the course.”

Stephanie M
Age: 25
Sterling, MA
Merrimack College



"I wanted to get overseas quickly, so I took the online course through International TEFL Academy.”

“Kristin, my advisor, did a great job verifying information I had read and researched. She had a lot of experience to draw upon.”

“My professor was very knowledgeable and I liked that her experience stretched over a few different countries. I also liked her love of foreign languages. She definitely met all of my expectations! She was amazing, I really am glad I had her as my instructor!"

Scott M
Age: 29
Wildwood, MO
Austin Peay State University



“Everything with the International TEFL Academy went very smoothly.”

“My professor clearly demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter and always responded to my questions in a timely manner.”

“The course covered a wide range of pedagogical topics- very useful for people like me who don't have a lot of teaching experience.”

I plan on going to teach in Guangzhou, China, ASAP!

Mike R
Age: 43
Falls Church, VA



“I am looking forward to using my certificate I obtain at International TEFL Academy to teach English abroad and make my class exciting for students!”

“My online class, set up for me by my advisor, exceeded my expectations!”

“Todd is a great instructor. He provides clear examples and encourages class discussion and participation.”

Joseph L
Age: 26
Yakima, WA

Yakima Community College



“I’m so excited to begin this amazing opportunity of a lifetime!”

“I am packing my bags for Rome, Italy where I will be teaching English. I leave on January 9th!”

“Todd was a great instructor! I am very happy with the class and I have definitely gotten a lot of use and ideas out of it that I will apply to teaching abroad! I would take another course taught by him in a heartbeat!”

“The International TEFL Academy has definitely shown me effective methods of teaching ESL and I cannot wait to apply what I've learned while teaching in Italy!” 

Veronica P
Age: 24
Verona, NJ
Saint Joseph (PA)



“My desire to teach overseas has turned into a dream come true after taking an online course through International TEFL Academy. I am prepared to teach English to students in Asia!”

“My advisor, John, was more than I could've asked for. There wasn't a thing I would change! He was candid with me in telling me pros and cons of my potential countries, he answered every question I had eloquently, and was very helpful in discussing my hesitations.”

“My instructor, Todd, has been very gracious in his teaching methods as well as his interaction with me personally. As much as any instructor can learn about their students in an online course, I feel that Todd really takes the time to get to know me and is interested in my overall achievement.”

“This has been a great experience for me, well worth the money and I am so excited to begin this journey!”

Alicia T
Age: 24
Charlotte, NC
Appalachian State University


“It is because of my conversations with my advisor, John, that I felt comfortable with my decision to begin the online course with International TEFL Academy.”

“Todd Campbell has been a very good professor. He has done everything in his power to answer questions in a timely manner and has made a great effort to encourage communication between participants."

“Todd did a good job answering any questions that arose and provided feedback in a timely manner. He did an outstanding job of creating an environment where I felt safe to ask questions and express my opinion.”

“I plan on going to teach in South Korea right after the course ends.”

Nathaniel T
Age: 23
Lockport, NY
St. Cloud State



I enrolled in the online course with International TEFL Academy because of the job guidance help.  Now that my class has ended, I plan on teaching English in El Salvador!”

Sasha I
Age: 30
University of Colorado - Boulder


“Todd proved himself to be an exceptionally kind and committed teacher, providing enthusiasm, insight and compassion throughout the course and demonstrating all of the traits the course taught us to apply in our own teaching.”

I found our class to have an exceptionally positive attitude. Both students and teachers were clearly interested in helping each other and engaging in a professional way.”

“I think Todd did a great job of encouraging this governing class 'vibe,' which made for a judgment-free, mutually respectful and supportive academic environment.”

Carl L
Age: 35
Oakland, CA



“After completing my online course with International TEFL Academy, I plan on teaching English in Kiev, Ukraine!”

“I enjoyed having Todd as my instructor! He created a very positive working environment and encouraged us to think outside our comfort zones. He always had a positive way to spin something even if we were not on target with a particular task.”

“I also appreciated the additional staff members who always took the time to help when I needed it (John and Karen).”

“I am going to miss daily dialogue with my classmates and Todd!”

Michelle B
Age: 47
Altamonte Springs, FL
Warner Southern College



“Todd was a great instructor! He did a good job answering any questions that arose and generally provided feedback in a timely manner.”

"After taking my TEFL Certification course with the International TEFL Academy, I would like to teach in Europe, preferably in France or Austria. I’m also keeping my options open and considering Spain or Italy.”

Bria G
Age: 22
Woodbury, MN
Loyola University Chicago


I really liked how quickly my instructor got back to me and he was always approachable. He always answered my questions thoroughly and provided good feedback. Todd has been very helpful from day one of the course. He created a very comfortable atmosphere for me in class.”

“From the start of the course, Todd made me comfortable with the idea of taking the course online, which was something that I was very worried about at first.”

“The reading material was helpful and easy to follow, the atmosphere was much more relaxed and comfortable than I thought it would be.”

“Overall, the staff from the International TEFL Academy has been positive and helpful. I plan to teach English in Poland by next February.”

Nicholas R
Age: 40



“I wanted to start my experience of living abroad as soon as possible! I chose to get my TEFL certificate with the International TEFL Academy because I could start right away, very reasonable price and the class length.”

“My advisor was very helpful in my registration process and help with the info I desired. Kristin was very quick to respond and easy to talk to. She really made me feel at ease during the registration process.”

“My instructor was very timely in responding to my questions and encouraging when grading.”

Becky B
Age: 30
Chicago, IL
University of Montana



“I was excited to see that the International TEFL Academy offered an online TESOL course, due to my work schedule. I looked at many of the online courses and decided on this one because it appears that the certified students are able prepared and able to find work.” 

“I thought the pre-registration process was excellent. John made the registration process seem so easy and I felt instantly welcome.”

“My instructor makes class very interesting and encourages everyone to be involved in class discussions.”

Rebecca B
Age: 33
Boise, ID
Boise State


“I've been looking into going overseas for a long time. When I came across International TEFL Academy, it looked very interesting and helpful. Ian, my advisor, also gave me some great information which definitely helped with making my final decision.”

“I’m extremely happy with my instructor! He provides great feedback which definitely has helped with assignments.”

Amanda C
Age: 23
Frankfort, IL
Eastern Illinois University


“I looked at other schools, but my friend took the course and loved it! She gave me good word about the International TEFL Academy.”

“I think David is a great teacher. I'm really enjoying learning from him.”

Kristi C
Castle Rock, CO
University of Colorado


“I was convinced to get my TEFL certification through the International TEFL Academy by John. I learned a lot about the world of English teaching abroad from him and I enjoyed our conversations. The registration process was an extremely smooth, professional and timely process.”

“I have found Todd to be fair, approachable and knowledgeable - all good traits for a teacher.  I also found the course content to be exceptional.”

I can honestly say that this course has increased my knowledge, skill and confidence. I look forward to obtaining my certificate and implementing what I have learned. Thank you International TEFL Academy!”

Lucio D
Age: 41
Ottawa, Ont, Canada

University of Toronto



“I chose the International TEFL Academy because the representatives were friendly, helpful and informed me of everything I needed to know about the job market prior to registration.”

"Todd is a very encouraging and engaging instructor. He leaves respectful comments and he makes an effort to stay interactive while teaching us.”

“I am really learning a lot, and appreciate the forum and manageable schedule that this program offers.”

Susannah K
Age: 21
Schenectady, NY
University of Pennsylvania


“The price to get TEFL certified is very appealing and the International TEFL Academy is a recognized provider.”

"David is a great instructor. He’s very good through his additional links, teaching page, blogs etc. It appears his work is all over the internet which makes me trust his expertise.”

Sarah M
Age: 22
Ripon, United Kingdom


“My sister and I looked over the website and info pamphlet, and Ian was available to answer all of our questions. We enjoyed talking with him and he was extremely helpful!”

We chose the International TEFL Academy because of all of the positive reviews and it seemed like a legitimate place to get TEFL certified. The price of our online course was also reasonable.”

"I can't think of any improvements I would make for the pre-registration process. Ian was so helpful; I felt like it was the easiest registration I had ever done!”

“Ian, you are wonderful advisor! You were probably one of the most helpful people my sister and I have ever spoken with on the phone!”

“David is a great instructor, and very supportive of the students. He treated us fairly and respectfully, gave good feedback, and provided additional resources to help guide us in the right direction. He also has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he is more than willing to share.”

Jennifer M
Age: 28
Houston, TX
Sam Houston State University


International TEFL Academy Course Reviews Testimonials“One morning I woke up and decided that I want to teach abroad! Out of all the sites I looked at, the International TEFL Academy’s site appealed to me the most."

“The brochure was fabulous! I printed it off and showed it to my parents, coworkers and friends to show them the great experience teaching abroad has.”

“Ian (my advisor) was absolutely fabulous in making sure that I knew what I was doing. He went above and beyond the call of duty.  He answered all of my questions and was very helpful in calming my parents' nerves! If I ever meet him I would shake his hand and tell him thank you!”

“When you call the office for pre-registration, they give you so much confidence that you know you can do this. And I will do this!”

Kimberly M
Age: 25
Houston, TX
Sam Houston State University


“I went with the International TEFL Academy because of the prompt follow up from the admissions advisor and the personal attention I received regarding all the questions I had.  I also really appreciated that Kristin called me to follow up on my inquiry, instead of following up through email. It made the experience more personable.”

“My instructor is very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He provides excellent resources and examples that will help me in the future. I also appreciate that he shares his teaching experiences.”

“The course content is very efficient and because of this, I feel like I will be prepared to being my career abroad very soon!”

Natalie N
Age: 28
Astoria, NY
Bernard Baruch College


“I enjoyed the structure and organization of the class. It was well organized and easy to follow. My instructor and classmates helped create a positive environment for learning.

“My instructor was extremely knowledgeable in the field!”

“I found the information in the Job Search Guidance Manual very helpful in my overseas job search.”

It was a great experience. I'm excited to get out there and teach!

Jamie W
Age: 23

Fort Collins, CO
Central Michigan University, University of Colorado


I feel very prepared to begin my journey as a new instructor. I'm excited about it and I feel that this course provided this opportunity for me.”

I plan on living and teaching overseas in Japan."

Wayne H 
Age: 54
Cheektowaga, NY
Deamen College


This course offers all that a student needs!

 “I plan on going to Ukraine or Spain to teach English.

“The class exceeded my expectations- our instructor was great, she encouraged me to keep going throughout the course.”

German R
Age: 35
Newhall, CA

Cal State Northride


My instructor, was great- and that is hard to find in online courses.

“I found that the website offered a lot of good resources. The peer evaluation was great! I was extremely confident in my professor.”

Valeria Roxana B 
Age: 24

Stockton, CA

University of the Pacific  


“The course maintained a regular schedule in assignments, quizzes and overall workload, and for busy people that is essential.”

The support staff is always prompt and polite when I call into the International TEFL Academy!

Barbara U 
Age: 50
Monroe, NC

University of Las Vegas


Great course that provides solid preparation for ESL teaching.

“I would like to teach in China, but I have yet to make any final decisions.”

Keri B 
Age: 24
Eugene, OR

University of Oregon



I would highly recommend this program to others.My advisor, John Bentley, was very helpful in the beginning stages. Any time I asked questions of the student affairs department I always received prompt, helpful responses.”

 “Our instructor had so much expertise to share on the subject matter, and she was very willing to share it. She made herself very available to help us.”

When I contacted my instructor for job search guidance, she was very helpful. She has excellent resume and curriculum vitae development skills.”

I have a job lined up in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. I found a small language school with an immediate job opening, and I will start teaching there on April 4th if all goes as planned.”

Brooke B 
Age: 31
Heyburn, ID

Belleville Area College


Right after my course ends, I plan on teaching in Korea to save money, then going to teach in Vietnam.

Rob E 
Age: 25
Clifton, VA

James Madison University


The course content was well designed and covered all aspects of ESOL.

“My instructor promptly responded to my queries and immediately provided feedback on my assignments. It is the assignments, quizzes and the instructor feedback on assignments that guides learning for a student in an online course- and I can say that I would like her to be my instructor again.

Anita A
 Age: 24
Appleton, WI

Seis College of Artis, Sciences & Commerce 


International TEFL Academy Teach English Abroad Student“My instructor was a great teacher and answered all my questions immediately. She even spoke to me about my interest teaching in the Middle East, which helped pique my interest in going there even more.”                                                                 

I found this course to be organized and well-thought out. I knew exactly what I needed to do every week, which was very assuring.”

“I enjoyed the way our instructor graded and responded to my questions, posts, and assignments. She wad involved and very positive- something that is invaluable in a teacher.”

I plan on going to teach in Doha, Qatar in May 2011. I will be traveling there then and I hope to get a job teaching English!

Alicia C 
Age: 21 
North Kingstown, RI


I had never done an online course before, and I liked the flexibility of being able to work according to my own timetable within the timetable required for submitting assignments.”

Liz J 
Age: 54  


When I started this course, I had no idea what was expected and required of an ESL teacher. Now I feel confident that I can effectively teach abroad. I feel that the combination of learning the material and then observing a live class creates a great combination of seeing how the ideas are put into action.”

The course content was appropriate and thorough.

“I had a few questions throughout about the course material and teaching abroad in general. My instructor always had excellent answers and knew how to guide me to the resources that were available. She always replied the same day I asked any question.”

Andrew M 
  Age: 41
Vista, CA

University of California State


The peer-to-peer feedback was really helpful because I learned how others view my work and where I could improve. I learned their ways of organizing material, and got ideas to incorporate into my future lesson plans.”

I would definitely take another course taught by this instructor- she graded assignments fairly, gave suggestions for improving on future assignments, and gave examples of outstanding student work for the rest of the class to review and consider. She also provided links for extra help on assignments and openly communicated any problems with the course.”

Nilou S
Age: 24
Lake Forest, CA

University of California- Irvine


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