New York City Hybrid TEFL Program

ITA students can complete their live practice teaching in the Big Apple with this exclusive New York City Hybrid TEFL Program in the city that never sleeps.

Hybrid TEFL Program in New York City

Looking to combine the convenience & lower costs of ITA's state-of-the-art Online TEFL Class with a week of structured practicum & expert instruction in the heart of Midtown Manhattan in New York City?
This exclusive hybrid TEFL program was created to provide ITA Students who have completed the 11-week Online TEFL Course with an opportunity to complete their required in-person practice teaching and hone their skills under the expert guidance of professors/instructors in New York. This highly engaging course offers teaching practice with ESL students, lesson feedback from university-level instructors, lesson observations, and individual and guided lesson planning.
This Hybrid TEFL course is a great way to build on your new teaching skills and gain valuable experience working with ESL students before heading abroad or staying local to teach English online, while also getting exposure to life in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. You'll have a minimum of 6 hours of assessed teaching in addition to over 15 hours of lesson observations.
This is a perfect way to complete your required 20 hours of practicum for ITA's Online TEFL class. It provides a full, organized schedule along with an additional certificate of completion. Plus, you'll receive lifetime Job Search Guidance from ITA if you're planning to head abroad. If you plan to stay in NY, you'll also receive local NYC ESL job market via the World Learning SIT Graduate Institute.
This Hybrid is a Great Fit if You Are...
  • Looking for an affordable TEFL certification option that has a face-to-face component - ITA's Online TEFL class + 1-week New York In-Person practicum. 
  • Planning on taking the part-time Online TEFL class but still want the in-person, structured teaching experience.
  • Looking to way to gain more experience teaching ESL students before heading abroad to teach.
  • A current ITA Online TEFL course student looking for a place to complete your required 20-hours of practicum.
The Hybrid Includes:
  • Observation of 4 hours of lessons taught by experienced teachers. Detailed observation notes to be taken and submitted to your trainer.
  • Planning and delivery of 6 hours of lessons that will be observed by an experienced trainer.
  • Scheduled observation of lessons delivered by a peer (10 hours) which includes taking detailed observation notes which will be given to your peer and your trainer.
  • Participation in feedback sessions following your practice teaching and reflection on lessons taught or observed.

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New York City TEFL Practicum

Optional Activities

While your TEFL Course will be a full-time commitment that represents a rigorous academic endeavor, you will certainly want to take time to enjoy all that New York City has to offer including:

  • Central Park
  • Empire State Building
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Yankees Baseball Game
  • Time Square

New York City TEFL Practicum

Housing Options

Homestays are a wonderful way for you to fully experience American Culture and life as a true New Yorker. We have hosts in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. There is a difference in pricing between our Manhattan and our Brooklyn/Queens homestays. Additionally, the prices will fluctuate based on your preference of meals. I’ve inserted a table below so you can see the difference in prices. All prices are per week.

Homestays (Manhattan):

  • $520 per week (x7 breakfasts included) in a private single room
  • $625 per week (x7 breakfasts and x5 dinners included) in a private single room

Homestays (Queens/Brooklyn):

  • $350 per week (x7 breakfasts included) in a private single room OR $245 in a double room
  • $415 per week (x7 breakfasts and x5 dinners included) in a private single room OR $310 in a double room
  • $445 per week (x7 breakfasts and x7 dinners included) in a private single room OR $340 in a double room

Talk to Your TEFL Advisors about the different NYC Course Housing options, as there are a variety of Residence Hall options.

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