Teaching English 
In Oman

Renowned for its stunning coastlines, sweeping desert vistas and traditional Arab culture, the Sultanate of Oman is one of the most attractive destinations on the Arabian Peninsula for English teachers. 

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Teaching English in Oman 101

An ancient crossroads of trade linking South Asia and the Middle East with Africa, Oman boasts extraordinary history in addition to fantastic coastal beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Qualified English teachers here can realistically expect to make $1,600 - $3,000 tax-free a month with benefits including airfare to and from the assignment, health insurance, and even furnished housing. 

A 4-year college degree (BA/BS) is typically required to teach English in Oman, and a TEFL certification is typically required as well. Many schools also require prior teaching experience and the job market in Oman is more competitive than many others. 

Most teachers are hired in advance from their own country and have their visa processed prior to their departure for their teaching destination. Expect the interview and visa processes to take 1-3 months.


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