Teaching English
In Costa Rica

From sandy beach fronts to lush tropical forests, Costa Rica is a paradise for adventure lovers. It also boasts one of Latin America's hottest job markets for teaching English.

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Teaching English in Costa Rica 101

Known for its stunning tropical beauty, world class beaches & the warm hospitality of its people (affectionately known as "Ticos"), Costa Rica represents one of the hottest job markets for teaching English in Latin America.

A solid hourly wage enables teachers the opportunity to live a comfortable lifestyle while in Costa Rica and traveling the region. With a low cost of living, start-up costs for transitioning into the country are extremely affordable, especially for Americans because the cost of the flight is relatively low.  

English language schools in Costa Rica offer approximately 20 to 25 hours of work per week, allowing for plenty of time to travel and explore. A four-year bachelor’s degree is not required to teach English in Costa Rica, but a TEFL certification is typically required by employers. San Jose, Costa Rica's largest city, concentrates the bulk of teaching positions, though opportunities can be found scattered throughout the country.

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