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New York TEFL SIT training

SIT TEFL TESOL Certification in New York -
Tuition, Schedules, Enrollment & Other Details

Tuition: $2,650 ($500 USD Deposit, $2,150 Balance) housing costs are extra.

Length of training:Full-time: 4 weeks, Monday - Friday: 9:15am – 6:30pm

Note: This is a partner course of International TEFL Academy.  All students receive the full benefits of ITA students and alumni, including lifetime Job Search Guidance.

Course dates: More information on TEFL Course Dates

Job Search Guidance: International TEFL Academy offers lifetime Job Search Guidance to all our graduates.

Course Location: The SIT TEFL TESOL Certification Course in New York is located on 43rd StreetNew York TEFL Certification in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Housing Options: For those who need accommodations during the course, the course staff can provide assistance with making arrangements upon enrollment.  Read more about options for accommodations.

Testimonials: Interested in what our TEFL Class graduates have to say about our course?  Read their class testimonials.

Registration:  Your first step is to speak with an International TEFL Academy adivisor to determine whether this class is appropriate for you and to assist you with any questions you may have regarding TEFL certification in New York and/or jobs teaching English abroad and teaching English in New York. To speak with an adivsor, please call 877-610-1337 or fill out a contact form on this website and an advisor will be happy to assist you. You must also read our Registration Procedure and Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling into a TEFL course. In addition,  In addition, all students must provide one of the following (this is required by New York State law). 

  • a high school completion certificate,
  • GED/TASC test results
  • proof of university acceptance or a copy of your college/university degree.


Get TEFL Certified in New York City!

New York City TEFL Classes

  • Want to earn an internationally accredited and recognized TEFL certification that will qualify you for thousands of professional-level jobs teaching English in up to 100 countries around the globe?

  • Do you want to take a TEFL class in the heart of New York in Manhattan?

  • Would you like to receive the training you need to become a successful English teacher anywhere in the world from the top instructors in the field of TEFL and TESOL?

  • Do you prefer to learn in a small, interactive class setting where you receive personal attention and feedback from your instructors on a constant basis?

  • Would you like to gain hands-on experience during your TEFL training by engaging in live practice teaching with actual ESL students?

  • Do you want to receive lifetime Job Search Guidance that will provide you with the resources and assistance you need to find opportunities teaching English abroad in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East?

  • Are you interested in teaching English in New York City?


If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to consider the SIT TEFL TESOL Certification Course offered by International TEFL Academy in New York, NY as one of your primary options for earning your TEFL certification.  Offered in one of the top language learning centers in New York City, this internationally recognized TEFL TESOL certification provides 130 hours of training, including live practice teaching, and provides one of the most prestigious and recognized certifications for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in the world and will qualify your for thousands of teaching opportunities around the globe.


Why Should I Take My SIT TEFL TESOL Certification in New York with International TEFL Academy?

  • Ideal Location - State-of-the-art classroom facilities are located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan in New York City.tefl certification in New York

  • State-of-the-art Certification with Global Recognition - Developed by a world leader in  TEFL and TESOL education, World Learning's SIT Graduate Institute, the SIT curriculum employed for this course is one of the most recognized and respected in the field of teaching English to non-native speakers.

  • World-Class Instructors - Instruction is provided by highly trained, SIT-certified trainors all of whom hold advanced degrees and training, in addition to extensive experience teaching English as a foreign language.

  • Small Class Sizes & an Interactive Learning Environment - All training is provided in small group settings (a ratio of one instructor for six students is strictly maintained), and students are not only encouraged, but are required to constantly partipate in the training process. This curriculum also stresses self-reflection and evaluation and provides students with the ability to improve and develop their teaching skills long after the class is completed. TEFL New York Practicum

  • Learn the Skills You Need - Throughout the 130 hours of training, students will gain a strong grasp of the teaching practices and methodologies needed for them to provide effective instruction in all aspects of the English language to non-native speakers, including grammar, speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation. A strong emphasis is also placed on developing strong skills in lesson planning and developing the materials and resources required for effective English language instruction.

  • Live Practice Teaching - All students will be required to engage in  at least six hours of live practive teaching with actual ESL students from the local community, providing the hands-on experience that is required to become a professional level English instructor.  All practice teaching is closely monitored and observed by instructors, who provide extensive feedback and attention student not only during practice teaching sessions, but throughout the course.

  • Comprehensive Job Placement Assistance - All students receive lifetime Job Search Guidance to provide them with resources, tools and assistance needed to find opportunities teaching English abroad around the globe. They will also receive assistance, including contact information and referrals, for opportunities to teach English in the New York City metropolitan area, where one of the largest immigrant communities in world has created an enormous demand for English language instruction.

Read more about why SIT is one of the top TEFL TESOL certification options in the world.


New York City, NY TEFL Course Schedule

Full-time TEFL (4 Weeks)New York TEFL SIT training

The course is a very intense 4 week program, and students are strongly encouraged not to take on other commitments during the course. In addition to full-time class sessions during the day Monday- Friday, students should also expect to be required to engage in reading and studying apart from class hours.

Full-time, 4-week format meets Monday through Friday. This is the perfect option for people who want to become certified and begin teaching English as quickly as possible.

9:15am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday


Teaching English in New York City

While most International TEFL Academy graduates earn their TEFL certification for the purpose of teaching English abroad, professional level opportunities for teaching English are available in the New York City metropolitan areas to those who earn an accredited TEFL TESOL certification, including the SIT TEFL TESOL certification offered in New York. As the largest city in the U.S. and home to one of the largest immigrant populations of any city in the world, including more than 2 million non-native English speakers, the New York metropolitan area boasts huge demand for English language instruction. teaching English in New York

Most job opportunities for teaching English in New York will be with private language institutes and schools that provide English language training to recent immigrants (primarily adults) in areas like the burroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, which are home to non-native English speakers from every corner of the globe. You shouldn't count on getting rich teaching English in New York, but full-time teachers (at least 25 hours of classroom teaching a week) should make enough to support themselves comfortably. Many English teachers in New York will work part-time at more than one language school and many will also give private lessons.  Most language schools seek to hire teachers with a four-year college degree.

International TEL Academy graduates of the SIT TEFL TESOL certification course in New York will receive extensive job search guidance for the New York City area (as well as international English teaching opportunities), including contact information for schools, job listings and tools for finding local job opportunities. Many language schools in the New York City area hold the SIT TEFL TESOL certification in high esteem and welcome the opportunity to hire recent graduates from the course.

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