Earn an internationally recognized and accredited TEFL certification at our training center located in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. If you're looking for a TEFL course in a tropical location with beautiful clear water and gorgeous shorelines, you've met your match!

Playa Grande is a beach on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It's located less than an hour from Tamarindo. Playa Grande is a fantastic surfing destination and it's also a major nesting site for turtles.

If you're looking for a class in a city location, we also have an option just outside of the capital of San Jose in the historic city of Heredia.

Read more: Heredia, Costa Rica TEFL Course.

All students and graduates receive lifetime Job Search Guidance in Costa Rica and worldwide. Our local staff has years of experience working in Costa Rica and is very well connected with local schools many of which seek out graduates of this course. These services and resources include personal assistance from expert advisors; contact information for tens of thousands of schools worldwide; referrals to top recruiters around the globe; hundreds of pages of information and links for getting jobs virtually everywhere; and much more.

You don't need to hold a degree in education or have prior teaching experience to teach English in Costa Rica, which represents one of the largest job markets for teaching English abroad in the world. However, earning an accredited TEFL certification will provide you with the skills you need to provide professional-level English language instruction and a qualification that thousands of schools and language institutes seek when they hire English teachers.

TEFL / TESOL Class Details


4 weeks full-time.


We recommend enrolling at least 90 days prior to your course start date. This is a very popular course and often fills in advance. More information here.


Students should expect to be in class from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm (with breaks, of course), Monday-Friday. The classroom is outdoors in a lovely tropical garden area! The class scheduled varies slightly each week depending on practice teaching schedules and some homework is required. Weekends are primarily free for beach-going, exploring taco stands, and of course relaxation. For further details, see our FAQs below.


The training center is located in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. This amazing beach is a sea turtle sanctuary, and it's one of the most beautiful protected beaches in the country.


Maximum of 8 students in each class.

TEFL / TESOL Course Content

This TEFL certification course has been specially designed to provide all course graduates with the tools to succeed as professional English teachers.


Like all ITA TEFL classes, this TEFL course is taught by highly experienced professors and includes live practice teaching with local ESL students.


All ITA-operated courses are externally monitored & approved at a Level 5 Ofqual accreditation by TQUK. Our certificates are recognized worldwide at the highest level for TEFL certification. Read more.


  • Basic principles of teaching
  • Grammar
  • Classroom Management
  • Error Correction
  • Lesson Planning
  • Use of Visual & Audio Aids
  • Teaching group classes: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced
  • Conversational English
  • Teaching grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation
  • Language Awareness
  • Private Tutoring
  • Teaching Business English

Tuition & Costs

The Cost of the TEFL Class is approximately $1,995 USD
($600 Deposit + $1,395 Balance - Exchange rates fluctuate daily).


  • 190-Hour TESOL / TEFL Certificate (upon successful completion)
  • Practice teaching real Costa Rican ESL students
  • Resume workshop
  • Wireless internet
  • Free airport pickup (from the LIR - Liberia Airport - if you arrive on the Saturday before the course)
  • Daily breakfast (Fresh Costa Rican fruit and coffee!)
  • Assistance in finding accommodation (after the course)
  • Contact information for top ESL schools in Costa Rica
  • Letter of recommendation upon request
  • Job search guidance in Costa Rica and lifetime job guidance advice worldwide


  • Accommodations during the course ($600 /month)
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Airfare to/from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • TEFL Course Book ($67)
  • Access to a computer (make sure to bring your own laptop)


Meaning “big beach,” Playa Grande is an important beach well-known for the Leatherback Sea Turtles that come to lay their eggs there. It's also known to have ideal surf conditions for beginners and pros alike. Whether you enjoy watersports and surfing or prefer relaxing on the beach with friends, Playa Grande offers a laid-back environment with something for everyone. Its tan-colored sand and bright blue waters attract locals and visitors from all over the world.

Playa Grande is just north of one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, Tamarindo, which has lots of opportunities to shop, surf, enjoy the nightlife and more. Several other popular beaches in the Guanacaste region can also be accessed by public bus.

Enrollment & Eligibility

IMPORTANT! Before enrolling for any International TEFL Academy TEFL course, it is imperative that you speak to an Admissions Advisor.

Your advisor will answer your questions and assist you with matters such as your eligibility & enrollment; course costs & logistics (such as housing); and your options for employment as an English teacher once you complete your TEFL Class.





Must be at least 18-years-old to enroll. Visit our Registration Procedures Page & Review our Terms & Conditions prior to enrolling.

Housing Arrangements

Cost: $600/month (30 days)

Students in the Playa Grande class will stay onsite at the TEFL school in a bungalow-style house. The housing is a 5-minute drive to the beach. Each student has his/her own private bedroom and access to a full shared kitchen and a shared bathroom.

Laundry services and daily breakfast will be provided by your “Tica mom.” The house has lots of amenities, including free bicycles, hammocks to relax and enjoy nature, and free use of the pool next to the school.

Students will also be provided with free transportation to and from the beach once per day.

Housing Options are not included in The Heredia TEFL Course we'll help you with housing arrangement for Heredia TEFL Course

Job Opportunities for Playa Grande TEFL Students 

All students and graduates from the Playa Grande TEFL Course receive hands-on job placement assistance from the local staff in Playa Grande in addition to lifetime, worldwide, and online, job search guidance from ITA's expert team of advisors. 

Read our Costa Rica Country Profile to learn about the local job market for teaching English in Costa Rica & watch videos of ITA alumni teaching in Costa Rica.


Playa Grande, Costa Rica TELF Certification
Playa Grande, Costa Rica TEFL Course
International TEFL Academy in Playa Grande, Costa Rica
Get TEFL Certified in Playa Grande, Costa Rica
TEFL Playa Grande, Costa Rica
Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Playa Grande, Costa Rica TEFL Course FAQs

How many hours do students spend in the class and on course work during the course?

Students will spend around 6-8 hours in class a day, including some work time to ask questions and get guidance on lesson planning and assignments.

In regards to practice teaching, how many hours is it and when does it take place?

There are 6 practice teaching classes that take place twice a week during weeks 2, 3, and 4 . The students are volunteers from the community and local institutions, teens and adults of all skill levels.

How many assignments are there throughout the course and what do they consist of? How many hours of homework do students typically have outside of class?

Reading the textbook, 11 quizzes taken online, Learner Profile project where students will be working in pairs to assess one EFL learner and develop appropriate lessons, and 5 additional assignments including lesson plans, an essay and a textbook evaluation. Students can expect to spend at least 2 hours a day working on tasks outside of class.

Will grammar be taught during the course? Are there additional grammar resources in the course materials?

Yes, grammar is taught throughout the course. ITA Grammar Module, suggested websites and many materials given in class.

Is there a textbook for the course? If so, where can students purchase it?

Yes, there is a textbook that can be purchased here and it can also be purchased on campus in Costa Rica.

Are there any specific technology requirements for the course?

Yes, a laptop and a flash drive are required (not a tablet). Students should have a good understanding of a word processor like Word or Google Docs.

How can students prepare to take their course at your school and/or in your country? Are there any assignments they need to complete prior to the course?

ITA’s Grammar Module is strongly suggested. Read all material sent by Student Affairs. Prepare job search materials, such as reference letters.

Does your school recommend accommodation options or arrange it for students?

Students can stay on campus or arrange housing on their own. Each student who stays on campus will have a private room with a shared kitchen and bathroom with one other student. The cost to stay on campus is $600.

What should students bring on their first day of class?

Bring a notebook, pen, and laptop on your first day. Class starts at 8:30 am!

Is there anything else specific to your course or school that prospective or current students should know?

Beautiful campus, minutes away from the beach!

During and after your course, local staff will do as much as possible to introduce you to the local ESL market here in Costa Rica. During the first week of the course, you will receive a packet of invaluable job search resources, including lists of schools and institutes in Costa Rica that hire foreign ESL teachers. The lists are categorized by students’ ages as well as school locations (i.e., at the beach). Many of the possible employers, especially the language institutes, have a working relationship with our TEFL school and happily hire our course graduates. Staff will recommend the schools and institutes with the best reputations and we'll also help you stay away from ones with poor reviews. We regularly survey our course graduates to learn more about their respective schools and their experiences.

Playa Grande & Costa Rica TEFL Course Comparison

Playa Grande TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • In-Person 4 Weeks, Full-Time
  • Beach Location
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • University-Level Instructors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 6-10 Hours Live Practice Teaching
  • Classes Capped at 8 Students

Heredia TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • In-Person 4 Weeks, Full-Time
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • University-Level Instructors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 6-10 Hours Live Practice Teaching
  • Small Class Sizes

Online TEFL Course

What's included 👇

  • 170-Hour Online Certification
  • 4-Week Full-time/ 11-Week part-time
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • Live Office Hours with Your Instructor & Peer-Participation with Classmates
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 10 to 20-Hours Live Practice Teaching

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Named best Online TEFL class


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6,000+ certified students a year & graduates in 80+ countries

Why Our Alumni Love Us!

Natalie Price

Teaches English in Costa Rica

Natalie Price

I decided to get TEFL certified because I felt it was the best way to be prepared for a teaching position and to acquire a good job abroad - two of my main concerns about the whole process. I chose International TEFL Academy after much research because the team there was helpful, accessible and professional. My adviser, while not being too pushy, encouraged me and stayed on top of my decision to commit. (It's easy to research for a long time, and never actually go all the way through with it.) ITA offered a program that provided excellent resources, convenient schedules and an in-class practicum that I feel is vital to preparation as a teacher.

Brad Scheel

Teaches English in Costa Rica

Brad Scheel

I really enjoyed the course, it really helped me get prepared to teach English abroad. The practicum (student teaching to non native ESL students) was the best preparation. The TEFL training really gave me an idea of what to expect when I got here to teach English in Costa Rica. It helped prepare me in lesson planning, grammar, coming up with activities, and styles of teaching. Even as a licensed teacher, without the TEFL training I would have been no where near as prepared as I am.

Paige Gavrelos

Teaches English in Costa Rica

Paige Gavrelos

I researched for what felt like months. What really helped me make my decision was being able to speak to an advisor. My advisor was able to answer all of my questions, and was always available when I needed to speak with her. She sent me every bit of information I asked for, and genuinely seemed to care about the choice I would be making in the near future. The reviews online for International TEFL academy were also very impressive. I wanted to take a course that would challenge me, and actually allow me to become the best TEFL Teacher I could possibly be. From what I read online, the International TEFL academy met those standards.

Visit the ITA Blog to read more articles and stories by our alumni about their experiences getting TEFL certified with International TEFL Academy, and teaching English online and around the world.