Tips & Resources for ITA Grads Returning Home from Teaching English Abroad

By Ashley Houston

You’ve made it through your adventure teaching abroad and are preparing to move back home—congrats!

The moment you land back on home country soil, prepare to be a bit surprised about how you may feel and slightly disoriented. Reverse culture shock is real and life as you knew it at home will not be the same as when you left, but then again, neither are you!

The Ultimate Teach Abroad Checklist: 7 Things Every ITA Teacher Needs to Buy Before Teaching English Overseas

By Doug Waxman

At International TEFL Academy (ITA), we understand that teaching English abroad entails far more than just taking a TEFL course or signing a contract.  That is why we have created a worldwide community and network for our alumni in addition to providing personal service and support as well as lifetime Job Search Guidance through our Student Affairs Department.

Here's ITA's Ultimate Travel Checklist: 7 Things every ITA teacher needs to buy before moving to teach English overseas

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Classroom While Teaching English Abroad


By Helen Schenck

Whether you have been a teacher for 20 years or you have never stepped into a classroom as anything but a student, teaching English abroad has its own very unique set of challenges and perks. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid in the classroom, from someone who has been there myself!

Top 5 Countries for Wine Lovers to Teach English Abroad

By Ashley Houston

Choosing where to teach English abroad based on your love for wine could never be a pour decision!

But don’t let where you choose be based on an inkling, check out the great wine producing teaching markets below. After all, everything happens for a riesling.

What Are the Requirements to Teach English in Italy?

By Paige Lee

Dreaming of chowing down on large bowls of delicious, home made pasta and washing it down with a superb glass of red? Or perhaps a traditional, wood-fired pizza with the fluffiest buffalo mozzarella you've ever sunk your teeth into is calling your name? Maybe you love great opera or Renaissance architecture. Whatever your reason for wanting to teach English in Italy may be, we've got the basic requirements covered for you.

6 Essential Tips and Articles to Read When You Want to Teach English in Spain

By Paige Lee

Interested in teaching English in Spain? 

1. How you teach English depends on the city you live in and private tutoring is a common style of English teaching employment in Spain: How do I make money as a private English tutor abroad?

Spain is one of the most in-demand markets in the whole English teaching industry, but it is a complex country with a variety of teaching opportunity. Madrid is the capital and largest teaching market in Spain, but Barcelona is a highly popular city for English teachers to set their sights on. Across this stunning region, work will vary greatly from a traditional classroom setting to private English teaching one-on-one.

BONUS: In one of ITA’s most read articles about Spain, Lauren O’Rourke, lays out the steps to find work as a private tutor: How to Become a Private English Teacher in Barcelona, Spain.

7 Reasons Why ITA’s Job Search Guidance is Better than Job Placement

By Helen Schenck

So you’ve been doing your research on TEFL and you are trying to find the best school for yourself. You’ve been asking the schools about hours their courses have, the level of professors, the accreditation level of the certification...the good stuff You have found that International TEFL Academy offers a TEFL certification that qualifies you to teach all over the world. But, wait! No! Pump the brakes, ITA doesn’t actually place people? Who what where why??

Your research is right! We do not provide specific job placements and that is done strategically for you, our students and alumni. With our lifetime Job Search Assistance, you will have so many more options, better salaries, and long term job options. Why? Read on!

Best Tips for Yoga Enthusiasts Who Want to Teach English Abroad

By Ashley Houston

Looking to take your down dog abroad? If you’re a certified yoga teacher planning to teach English abroad, you can fulfill both of your passions overseas.

From hostels to retreat centers and teacher trainings abroad, the yoga travel scene has blown up over the past five years. Teaching yoga abroad can take your mindfulness and full presence from the mat out into the country you’re living in, so you can fully embrace your new locale. It’s also an excellent way to connect with other like-minded yogis worldwide. Added benefit, since you’re also teaching English and the cost of living tends to be much cheaper in many of the yoga hot spots, you can better support yourself while pursuing your perfect crow.