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7 Reasons Why ITA’s Job Search Guidance is Better than Job Placement

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So you’ve been doing your research on TEFL and you are trying to find the best school for yourself. You’ve been asking the schools about hours their courses have, the level of professors, the accreditation level of the certification...the good stuff You have found that International TEFL Academy offers a TEFL certification that qualifies you to teach all over the world. But, wait! No! Pump the brakes, ITA doesn’t actually place people? Who what where why??

Your research is right! We do not provide specific job placements and that is done strategically for you, our students and alumni. With our lifetime Job Search Assistance, you will have so many more options, better salaries, and long term job options. Why? Read on!

7 Reasons Why ITA’s Job Search Guidance is Better than Job Placement

1) You could be throwing away money!

With job placements, like most things in life (my ex-girlfriend), if they sound too good to be true, they most likely are and very often you have to pay (sometimes a lot)! When you speak to a school that offers guaranteed job placements, you definitely want to ask follow up questions. Because this industry is very unregulated, some schools are not what they seem.

What is worse, placement services often take percentages of your salary or a significant payment up front. You may be working alongside someone that may be less qualified than you making twice as much as you do because they found their job on their own. One of my colleagues experienced this exact scenario in China. She was making half the salary as the other Americans she worked with. Let’s just say, she couldn’t live it down then….or now!

2) You may not even want to work there!

Very often, when you pay for a job placement, you have little or no say where you might actually work. If a school automatically accepts a teacher through a placement service, this reflects the level of the school itself. Flip the script for a second: would you want to pay good money to go to a school where the teachers haven’t been thoroughly vetted and interviewed, but were just placed because they paid for a job? These schools can also be in the outskirts of towns or the least sought out locations because the only way they can get native English speakers to come teach there is if they guarantee a job. But you shouldn’t accept just any job because…

7 Reasons Why ITA’s Job Search Guidance is Better than Job Placement

3) You, my friend, are special - don't limit yourself to a "placement"!

You, being a native English speaker, speak the second language of the world. You and I are lucky having grown up in countries where we speak a language that millions of people around the world are paying good money to learn. The way you speak as a native speaker is what schools are looking for (yes, even my Texan accent!).

During your interviews you’ll quickly see that this isn’t the average job interview like those you have done in the past. You will have a lot more say in this interview process: you will be interviewing the school itself, in a way. You will want to speak with other English teachers teaching there right at that time to make sure it is going to be a great fit for you! If you are placed somewhere, you are not going to have this opportunity. This is one of the plethora of tips your job search advisors will pass your way! There are more jobs than people to fill them….take advantage of that!

4) You want to talk to experts who have been there, done that!

Once you are enrolled in your TEFL course, you will have personalized job search guidance from an advisor who has taught, lived, and/or traveled extensively abroad. They are an expert in the region you are most interested in, and even in the ones you aren’t considering….yet! They not only know the ins and outs of visas, interviewing, contracts, etc, but they can also share their personal experiences abroad as well!

Imagine working with an advisor who not only knows how to negotiate a competitive salaries for a teacher in Hong Kong and can also tell you where you can find late night nachos after hours in Hong Kong as well…that’s the dream right?

5) You may not know where you want to go!

Your job search advisor will be giving you job search assistance specifically tailored to you! You can be applying for schools in China, Mexico, Chile, Japan, the UAE, and Russia from the comfort of your home. Once you are offered different positions, you can compare then. Keep your options open! The world is your oyster….and there are hundreds of varieties of oysters out there….be picky. 

7 Reasons Why ITA’s Job Search Guidance is Better than Job Placement

6) You may want to do this for a while!

Your job search assistance with International TEFL Academy is lifelong. As long as you want to teach abroad, you will be able to use our job search assistance. A placement is a one and done deal, but once you catch the travel bug, you aren’t going to want to stop… kinda like every person I work with!

The more experience you gain, the more competitive you become. So as time goes on, you will always have your certificate and job search assistance in your back pocket in case you want to move back to Europe with the Spaniard you met while teaching in China… I digress.

7) You aren’t and shouldn’t be paying for it!

Once you are certified with us, you are certified for life, and your job search assistance is included with this! Placement services are a one and done situation in most cases. You will also want to make sure that you are getting an internationally recognized TEFL certification, because you don’t want to find yourself in the quagmire that too many people find themselves where you paid to get placed somewhere, and it isn’t to your liking or you want to go elsewhere. You aren’t going to have the option of reaching out to an advisor to get you more options with a placement.

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs out there that you are qualified to get without paying for a placement. Don’t just pick one out a hat and pay for, decide which is best for you! Get yourself a certification school that can do both!

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