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Teaching English in Tunisia 101

Because Tunisia is a small country with no oil wealth to speak of, the job market is not huge, however there are plenty of opportunities for English teachers. English teachers who wish to teach in Tunisia can sometimes find a job in advance at larger language school chains such as AmidEast or even at International Schools.

However, many jobs will also be found on the ground once in Tunisia. English teachers in Tunisia are typically responsible for their own airfare, as well as housing, unless working for an International School where many benefits are included. Wages tend to be modest, but because living costs are low they typically enable English teachers to live a comfortable life.

Most teachers live in apartments with other English teachers and expats. Some schools will offer full-time positions of 20-25 hours per week of work, but many will hire on a part-time or temporary basis to start. Many teachers also take on private students to boost their income. Some experienced teachers with advanced credentials, including a TEFL certification may be able to interview in advance and may receive benefits like health insurance and a housing allowance. The market for these types of jobs can be quite competitive. Jobs are concentrated in Tunis and other major cities.

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