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Teaching English in Bolivia 101

Small & poor, Bolivia does not quite rival its larger neighbors like Peru, Chile & Argentina as a major job market for teaching English in Latin America, but with a major growth in tourism and increased integration into the international economy, demand for English language instruction has been increasing.  Bolivia is a good choice for those teachers really passionate about perfecting Spanish language skills. While off the beaten path for some, Bolivia offers TEFL Certified teachers the chance to dive into the local culture.

English teaching jobs in Bolivia typically start in February/March and July/August. In most cases, schools interview and recruit teachers locally on the ground in Bolivia. While there aren't necessarily degree or citizen requirements to teach English in Bolivia, a TEFL certification is typically required. Wages are modest - you certainly won't get rich teaching English in Bolivia - the cost of living is very low, so you should expect to cover all of your expenses and to live comfortably. The English teaching job market in Bolivia is strongest in major cities like La Paz, Cochabamba, El Alto, Oruro, and Santa Cruz.

Please note, that while a Bachelor's degree is not required to secure a job in Bolivia, it still can be strongly preferred by employers.  If you do not have a degree, you should be prepared for a more competitive job search.


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