Why Take Your TEFL Certification Online?

What Is TEFL Certification Online?

TEFL courses online provide instruction for teaching English as a foreign language. You take the course from your computer from anywhere, providing more flexibility than in-person courses. Our accredited online TEFL course includes live practice teaching.

Our 11-week TEFL course online enables you to earn a TEFL/TESOL certification on a part-time schedule, a great option if you’re working or going to school while completing your TEFL training. Aside from continuing with work, you can also earn the highest quality of professional TEFL/TESOL certification training at a cost that is considerably lower than a comparable 4-week in-person class.

Working with our highly experienced university-level instructors, you will learn how to efficiently teach a classroom of ESL students of all levels. You will also gain skills in areas like classroom management, error correction & understanding of how to bridge cultural differences. 

Finally, all ITA students and graduates access exclusive perks & support:

  • Sought-after TEFL certificate. Your TEFL Certificate online from ITA does not expire, is accredited at the highest level, and is recognized by employers worldwide.
  • Pre-enrollment guidance from a personal TEFL advisor who's been in your shoes and taught/lived overseas.
  • One-on-one lifetime job search assistance is guaranteed whether you just graduated or are looking for a teaching position a few years down the road.
  • Join the ITA family, a highly engaged community of 40,000 alumni. Interact with fellow students, support each other and learn from everyone's experiences overseas.

170-Hour Online TEFL Course

Part-time, 11-week TEFL course with 10-12 hours of work a week. This course covers 40% more content than standard 120-hour online TEFL classes.

20 Hours Hands-On Live Practice Teaching

Online TEFL with practicum included: Real teaching experience prepares you to become a confident English teacher.

Interactive & Dedicated Support

All ITA instructors possess advanced credentials & training in the field of TEFL (MA or PhD). Interact with your instructor & receive personalized feedback. Chat with fellow classmates for tips, ideas & make new friends.

Level 5 Accreditation

This course is externally monitored and approved at a Level 5 Ofqual (British Government) accreditation by TQUK (authorized accreditor of Ofqual).


Who Should Take This Part-Time Online TEFL Course?

Are you interested in teaching English abroad or online? International TEFL Academy's 11-week part-time Online TEFL Course is perfect for the following scenarios:

  • Designed to accommodate students who work or go to school full-time. Complete 10-12 hours of coursework per week according to your own schedule.
  • Anyone who wishes to take the course from home, or remotely. Take our online course from the comfort of your home or from a beach in Costa Rica. All you need is a laptop/tablet/cellphone and a good internet connection.
  • All fluent English speakers seeking to teach ESL. You're a non-native English speaker? You will need to complete a phone interview & submit an essay to verify your English skills.
    Read more: Non-native English speakers & TEFL
  • Anyone 18 years old and above. You're 18 and under? You will need to submit a young teacher's essay and speak to an admissions advisor prior to enrolling.

Job Search Guidance for Online TEFL Course Students

All TEFL Course students receive lifetime job search assistance for finding a job teaching English abroad and online. These exclusive services and resources include:

  • Personal Support from an experienced Job Search Advisor. We have a full-time Student Affairs department whose sole purpose is to help you find the best TEFL job for you.
  • Access to ITA's exclusive 400-page job search manual.
  • Exclusive live and recorded webcasts covering all aspects of the TEFL job search process.
  • Referrals to preferred recruiters, placement agencies, language schools and online teaching companies.
  • Graduates of this course can gain employment teaching English online and in up to 80 countries worldwide.
  • Job interview & resume assistance.

Read more: ITA's Lifetime Job Search Assistance



Job Search Assistance & Support From Your Personal Advisor


Graduates Have Trusted ITA for Their Teaching Career


Countries hiring worldwide for teaching English Abroad & Online


Hiring schools worldwide accessible from our directory

Lesson Plan

Online TEFL Course Syllabus

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in your 11-week online TEFL course:

  • Grammar Module
  • Chapter 1: Role of The Teacher
  • Chapter 2: Creating a Student-Centered Classroom
  • Chapter 3: Methods & Approaches
  • Chapter 4: Lesson Planning
  • Chapter 5: Course Design
  • Chapter 6: Lexis
  • Chapter 7: Grammar
  • Chapter 8: Listening & Reading
  • Chapter 9: Speaking & Writing
  • Chapter 10: Visual Aids & Technology
  • Chapter 11: Cultural Sensitivity
  • Live Practice Teaching

Go Further: Detailed overview of the course syllabus


Included With The Course

What's included in your 11-week TEFL certification course online?

Your online TEFL certification comes with:

  • Internationally recognized TEFL Certificate delivered by International TEFL Academy
  • Personalized & dedicated lifetime job search support
  • Interactive & constructive feedback from your online course instructor
  • Peer-participation with classmates
  • Hands-on live practice teaching
  • All course reading materials, assignments and quizzes
  • Access to ITA's exclusive alumni network of 40,000 teachers worldwide
Class Requirements

Here are the prerequisites for this online TEFL course:

Class Size— The class will be capped at 20 students to ensure personal attention and maintain the highest standards of instruction.

Course Materials—All of your course reading materials, assignments and quizzes will be available to you online. However, you can purchase a copy of the textbook if you choose.

Interactive features—This course features live lectures, webinars & drop-in live instructor sessions, however, there is no required live time, and students can access recorded elements on the course website.

Internet and Technology Requirements—TEFL trainees need to have the following purchased and ready for use before the first day of class:

Computer, laptop, or tablet; The Moodle app allows for course reading to be read on cell phones, however, we do not recommend taking the entire course through a cell phone; Must be able to open PDF or Microsoft Word documents on your device; Upload files in either PDF, JPEG, Powerpoint, or Microsoft Word; Internet Browser - Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; Access to consistent and reliable internet; Knowledge of the following terms: browser, PDF, Word doc, download, upload; Cable or DSL internet speed (dial-up is not acceptable).

Take this Online Proficiency Quiz for a chance to navigate through the course platform!

Optional Add-Ons

All ITA students & graduates have the option to enhance their skills and credentials by taking additional TEFL Specialty courses in the field of:

  • Grammar Fundamentals
  • Teaching English Online
  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Tutoring English

TEFL Course Online Dates & Registration

Now available: Payment plans. Easily pay for your online TEFL course in multiple installments. However, you will receive a $50 discount by paying in full upfront.

Before enrolling in any International TEFL Academy courses, we recommend that you speak with an advisor who will answer your questions; review your employment prospects for teaching English abroad; and assist you with the enrollment process.

We strongly recommend enrolling in your 11-week online TEFL course at least 2-3 weeks in advance. We also invite you to read our how-to-enroll guide, our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.

Gain Confidence as a Professional English Teacher with ITA's Live Practice Teaching

Learn how to teach hands-on, thanks to your TEFL course's mandatory live practice teaching (practicum) sessions. After completing your practicum, you will feel more prepared and gain a competitive edge during your TEFL job search and interview process.  

Read more: Your Guide to Completing ITA's Practicum


20 Hours Included

You must complete 20 hours of teaching, tutoring, and observation. This includes 6 hours minimum of teaching/tutoring and no more than 14 hours of observation.

Build Your Teaching Skills

Put into practice the theories and methodologies you learn in the course. Apply them to real-life situations & build your confidence while gaining exposure to various learning styles and classroom situations.

Teach Actual ESL Students

You must work exclusively with non-native English speakers. They can be of any age and demographic, as long as English is not their first language. Work one-on-one or in a large classroom. The choice is yours!

Finding a Practicum Location Made Easy

Whether you want to tutor privately or teach at an organization, you can access ITA's exclusive list of preferred practicum locations online, in the U.S., and overseas.

Download TEFL Starter Kit

Ask a TEFL Online Instructor

Carlie Johnson,  ITA's 11-Week Online TEFL Course Instructor.
Carlie has been teaching ITA's TEFL course online since 2014. She has a MA in TESL and a MA in Spanish Linguistics. She's traveled extensively throughout Spain and Europe.

Who Teaches ITA's 11-Week Online TEFL Course?

All instructors, including myself, possess advanced degrees in TESOL (at least an MA, and usually a PhD) in addition to at least 10 years of professional teaching and training experience. We have also taught English abroad extensively.

Read more: ITA's Academics Department

Is an Online TEFL Certificate Worth It?

An accredited online TEFL certification is very well worth it. Taking your TEFL course online part-time offers you flexibility and the same high-quality TEFL training at a considerably lower cost than in-person TEFL courses. It's a very popular and cost-efficient option to become a professional English teacher online and overseas.

Can I Get a Job with Online TEFL?

Yes, you can get a job with your online TEFL certification. First, your TEFL course will prepare you to be a confident English teacher. Second, we offer extensive job assistance during and after your TEFL course. We help you find not only a TEFL job, but the best TEFL job for you. Additionally, our job support never expires. You can always get back to us for help finding a teaching position.

If you are more comfortable knowing that you'll have a job guaranteed at the end of your certification course, you can bundle your Online TEFL Course with one of ITA's TEFL Jobs Programs

Do I Need to Purchase a Textbook?

Purchasing the ITA online TEFL course textbook is not required to take the class, but most students find it extremely helpful. In addition, many online TEFL course graduates mention that they find the textbook to be an essential resource once they begin teaching abroad and online.

Read more: ITA's TEFL Textbook options

Ask an 11-Week Online TEFL Course Grad

Kendell Kadesky, 11-Week Online TEFL Course Graduate


Why Did You Choose ITA's 11-Week TEFL Certification Online?

I was told by multiple people ITA's Online TEFL Course is the best! I also had a great conversation with my ITA personal advisor Joe. He answered all my questions and made me feel confident I could succeed in the course while working full-time.

What Did You Like The Most From Your Online TEFL Course?

I appreciated that the assignments were usually creating lesson plans that we will be able to use in our teaching later on! Additionally, I created the best relationships with instructors at my practicum location and was able to teach and connect with amazing students! I did my hours at a community college and was able to work one on one with a student and also create conversational activities for the class as a whole!

How Did You Find Your ESL Job After Completing Your TEFL Course Online?

I found my ESL job at CIEE through an ITA Alumni YouTube video and then applied to another job offer I saw on the Spain Guide. My ITA advisor helped me decide what was best for me!

Any Advice For Future Students of This Online TEFL Course?

If this is something you dream of doing, don’t keep putting it off! It’s 100% possible and there are so many people at ITA excited to give you advice and support as you start this new chapter. I also find TEFL to be so rewarding and the best career change. I have recommended ITA's online TEFL course to many people since. Not only is the course great but the resources also go above and beyond.

Want To Get TEFL Certified Online Even Faster? 
Check out ITA's 4-week Intensive Online TEFL Certification Course

Designed by top academic experts in the field of TEFL, this 4-week intensive online TEFL course is specifically intended for those looking to get TEFL certified from home in just 4-weeks. All successful graduates will receive an internationally recognized qualification to teach English as a foreign language professionally (TEFL) abroad, domestically, or online.

11-Week Online TEFL Course

What is included 👇

  • 170-Hour Online Certification | 11 Weeks Part-Time
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • Live Office Hours with Your Instructor & Peer-Participation with Classmates
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 20-Hours Live Practice Teaching to gain hands-on teaching experience
  • Payment Plan Options Available

4-Week Online TEFL Course

What is included 👇

  • 4 Weeks Full-Time (40+hours a week) -required class time typically 6-8 hours daily
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Accreditation from TQUK
  • Live Office Hours with Your Instructor & Peer-Participation with Classmates
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • 10-Hours Live Practice Teaching (Virtual) built into the course to gain hands-on teaching experience