ITA's Alumni Charity Giving Initiative

Innovation in Philanthropy - GoAbroad Award Nomination

Making a Difference at Home & Abroad, Together.

During the summer of 2020, ITA reached two important milestones: our 10-year anniversary & over $100,000 in total donations made to charitable causes.

Because giving back is at the core of who we are - staff, students & course instructors alike - we wanted to celebrate ITA's 10th anniversary by bringing our staff and students together around one shared value: making a difference at home & abroad. What a better way to do this than providing a platform for our students to share the causes they strongly believe in with the company they got TEFL certified with, and their fellow 35,000 alumni.

We therefore launched ITA's Alumni Charity Giving Initiative in August 2020. After receiving over 20 heartfelt & compelling submissions, 3 finalists had the chance to pitch their charities live to the ITA staff to receive respectively $2000, $1000 & $750 to support their causes. 

Given the success of ITA's Alumni Charity Giving Initiative amongst our students, we are planning to make many more editions to continue highlighting and supporting the causes our student deeply care about.


Charity Submissions From ITA Alumni


ITA Alumni Finalists


Donations to our 3 finalists' causes

🥇Dignity Period

Dignity Period

"Dignity Period is incredibly dedicated to supporting young women throughout Ethiopia by providing them with free, reusable menstrual pads. They also accompany menstrual hygiene product distributions with comprehensive student training regarding reproductive health, which inform students of the changes that will occur in their bodies in order to best prepare for their health."

Read More: ITA alumna Heleen Bennett's involvement with Dignity Period.


🥈Core Orchards Detroit

Core Orchards Detroit

"The mission of Core Orchards is to plant the seed to empower children and communities through education, partnership, and caring. By building an orchard and urban garden on Detroit’s East side, Core Orchards provides organic, nutritious foods to an area that otherwise lacks access to fresh produce."

Read More: ITA alumna Victoria Williamson's involvement with Core Orchards Detroit.


🥉Hand to Hand

Hand to Hand

"This organization provides free summer school classes to local children in the village of Nyaungshwe. They accept English-speaking volunteers and emphasize English learning and practice. They also lean heavily on environmental education and how the children can implement sustainable, responsible habits in their homes and community."

Read More: ITA alumna Charlotte Cathey's involvement with Hand to Hand.


International TEFL Academy believes it is our responsibility to leave the world a better place than how we found it. Our staff, instructors, and students are Global Citizens, and we realize how fortunate we are to travel and live abroad. We have a commitment to make an impact on the world, both large and small, by direct involvement or by simply spreading the word on what each one of us can do.

In addition to our various charitable initiatives, we commit a portion of our profits to international and local charities every year, and provide free ESL lessons to our local community in Chicago.  We also hope to offer guidance and suggestions to others on how they can make a difference in the lives of others around the world.