Your Job as an Admissions Advisor

Do you love to travel and want to help others explore the world? 

Have you taught abroad or lived abroad before? 

Do you want to help others get TEFL certified so they can have a fantastic experience teaching abroad or teaching online? — Yes? Great! Apply to be an ITA Admissions Advisor!

Work Hours: 40 hours a week

Monday - Friday: 10am -7pm CST or 9am-6pm CST

Your Location: This position is remote or you can work in our home office in Chicago if you prefer an office environment.  Working remotely allows you to work from anywhere in the USA. You must be legally authorized to work in the USA.

Office Address: 916 West Diversey Parkway, Chicago. Our office is one block from the Diversey Brown Line CTA stop in Lincoln Park.



International TEFL Academy (ITA) is one of the world’s largest TEFL training schools, and has been in business since 2010.  We consistently rank as the best TEFL certification school for both online and in-person classes, and ITA is on the Inc. 5000 list for top growth companies. In June 2021, ITA won the prestigious GoAbroad People’s Choice Award honoring the top international education organization as selected by study abroad professionals and students. This is the second time in four years that ITA has been honored with this award. Read more about ITA’s recognition and awards here.

We train & certify over 6,000 students a year to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). We believe top-level TEFL training builds a realistic pathway for our students to achieve their dreams and success as professional English language teachers, domestically or abroad. Our alumni teach at schools in 80+ countries abroad, teach online from the comfort of their homes, and live as global nomads teaching online from around the world. 

As the worldwide leader in the field of TEFL, we provide:

  • Pre-enrollment information and personalized guidance from expert advisors,
  • The Gold Standard in TEFL training and certification,
  • Lifetime job search guidance – online and worldwide,   
  • Alumni community & peer engagement,
  • Our staff with a safe, inclusive, supportive workplace/culture/job/career to grow and learn.

Company Culture: We are committed to changing people's lives by providing them an opportunity to see the world. We have all "been there and done that." We've experienced the rewards and challenges of leaving everything to live abroad. We are travelers at heart and are all committed to helping as many people as possible to pursue their dreams. We are goal-oriented with a light-hearted sense of humor and love to hang out and travel together.

Virtual Work Culture: The pandemic forced us to accelerate the transition to building a remote culture as we all had to work from home. Still, we have continued to enjoy team fun events, and we have focused on building open communication within our team. We have also been extra intentional about providing additional support to our team in the world of zoom living by providing extra time off and creating a culture of engagement. 

The Team You Will Join:  ITA has 40 full-time staff members and 45 part-time professors living around the US. We have a remote lifestyle with a majority of full-time staff in the Chicago area.

To learn more about our team and our company, read our VISION STATEMENT and MEET THE STAFF.



This position is a sales-oriented commission job, but you are also an advisor and, in some ways, even a life coach. You won't be selling widgets, copy machines, or cell phones. You will be selling the life-changing adventure of living abroad and the top-quality training that enables people to achieve their goal of living and traveling abroad as an English teacher. You will also be selling the security of gaining a life-long certification and job search support that enables people from all walks of life to teach English abroad and online. 

Educating Your Students. You will work with prospective TEFL class students who have contacted us regarding their interest in teaching English abroad. Your primary job will be to educate them on the market for teaching English online and abroad, their options for places to teach based on their personal qualifications, and helping them choose which of ITA's TEFL course options best suit their individual needs and circumstances. You are paid based on their enrollment into our courses.

Providing Personal Guidance. You will be speaking and corresponding with 50+ new people every week and registering over 20 new students a month. You will need to ensure you are very thorough in explaining the different options for working in 50-60 different countries. You will become an expert in understanding the worldwide job market for English teachers, including matters like visas, hiring requirements, salaries, and start-up costs. All advisors receive extensive training so that you are prepared to discuss these matters accurately with your students.

Personal Communication Skills are Key. You will spend the bulk of your time corresponding with prospective students through phone calls, text, email, and webinar presentations. A typical student takes 1-4 weeks to decide to enroll in a TEFL course, but many take several months. You may correspond 4-10 times with prospective students to educate them, guide them as they make a realistic plan, and help them to select the appropriate TEFL class. You will also need to have strong communication with your colleagues when providing coverage for other advisors, working on unique student situations, and contributing to company-wide initiatives. 

Other Projects & Initiatives.  Advisors work together to develop Admissions’ best practices, improve departmental policies, design performance-based contests, give each other feedback, and improve the service we provide our students.  As you settle in, there will also be opportunities to serve on committees and project teams.

Presentations. All advisors pitch in to present our live webinars. You may also be asked to lead a training for your colleagues.


  • A college degree is not necessary for this position. Formal training and relevant work experience will be taken into account.
  • International travel experience. *You must have lived abroad consecutively for AT LEAST 6 months to be considered for this position. No exceptions. You will not be considered. Everyone in our company has lived and traveled abroad extensively. That's the club you're joining to work here. Teaching English abroad, studying abroad, working abroad, volunteering abroad, serving in the military, Peace Corps, or simply living in various countries growing up – these are examples of the type of international experience we seek.
  • You must possess at least two years of experience working in a professional work environment. This experience can include your experience teaching abroad.
  • Excellent communication skills are required: written and verbal. You will spend several hours a day on the phone and several more responding to emails. 
  • Highly organized and efficient. You must be well-organized with great attention to detail as you'll be managing thousands of prospective students in a database. ITA will provide you with state-of-the-art tools and training, but you will struggle in this position if your organizational skills are weak.
  • Team player. We seek team members who are committed to contributing to the company's growth in addition to meeting and exceeding their personal goals.
  • Commitment. You must be eager to put in the time, energy, and commitment to be great at your job. We are looking for self-driven people who have grit and relish the learning and hard work required to become an exceptional Admissions Advisor. 
  • Preferred Skills:  TEFL Certified; taught English abroad; experience in sales, recruiting, or presenting; familiarity with Hubspot and Salesforce software.



Note: This is a 100% commission position.

Training Bonus: $3,000 training bonus after the first month, $2,000 training bonus the 2nd month, and a $1,000 training bonus after the third month to ease the transition to commission-based sales. The first two weeks of the job encompass an intensive sales and advising training regimen. After that, you'll receive continued support and guidance from another advisor who will serve as your mentor for three months, weekly training with the rest of the Admissions team, and regular 1:1 meetings with your manager.

Compensation: If we hire you, it's because you are a great fit and will excel. Working on commission isn't for everyone, but good compensation is there for those who work hard to fulfill the job responsibilities and serve prospective students. Follow our training and advice, and you will make your commission on track.

Typical Annual Compensation:

Year 1: $50K - 60K per year

Year 2: $72-75K

Year 3: $80K - 85K. 

Our top-performing advisors have earned over $100,000 in past years.

Monthly revenues and commissions can fluctuate above or below the average due to seasonality, the number of leads coming in, and external factors like… pandemics, which created a boom in the teaching English online industry!

Insurance: Medical/Dental starts immediately on your start date.

Time Off: 4 weeks in the first year! Really. You'll receive 10 vacation days and 10 personal days off year one, increasing each year after that. Vacation time increases annually so our veteran staff members have earned up to seven weeks off per year. Since this is a 100% commission job, time off is not paid as it is for a salaried position. That said, your fellow advisors provide coverage for you during your vacation so that it's possible to receive income while away. We want our employees to be able to take plenty of time away and do what they love: travel!

Sick Days:  Ten paid sick days per year.  If you are sick, stay home and get well (even if you are working virtually). You will be paid a fixed amount for the day since you are unable to work.

Performance-Based Contests. We all love healthy competition, and we regularly run contests for the admissions team. Recent prizes include gift cards, gadgets, and cocktail kits.

Continuous Training:  All staff receive ongoing coaching training with their manager and peers and have opportunities in external training.

Open-Book Management & Gain Share: We take great pride in the quality of services that our team provides for our students and in building a great company. We review our company financials weekly, educate our staff on running the business, and reward them with a portion of the profits quarterly and annually.

Maternity and Paternity leave:  Twelve weeks total leave annually, of which eight weeks are fully paid, and four weeks additional are unpaid. Get some sleep and take care of that newborn baby and send us pictures. If you aren't having kids now, we hope you will be working with us years down the road when you will definitely appreciate this policy.


You must apply for this position through the International TEFL Academy website using the link below. Your application will require:

1. Resume (Word or pdf) - please include your name in the title of the digital document.

2. Cover letter addressing: 

  • Why do you want to work at ITA? Why are you interested in a sales/advising position?
  • Countries lived, worked, studied, and traveled. 
  • Tell us why travel is important and how you would love to talk to people about seeing the world.

3. When you can start if hired.

4. Best phone number and time to reach you for a call.

5. Please tell us which job site you found us on or if a friend referred you.

6. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, August 13, 2021

If you have any follow-up questions about the position, please email us at employment@internationalteflacademy.com. We only respond to application or employment inquiries via email, and we do not accept phone calls about employment - a phone call may weaken your application. We understand your initiative, but we receive many applications for this position, and it is a significant process to evaluate each candidate.

Then What Happens?

Once your resume is submitted, we will reach out to you in all the steps of the process, so please, check your email and voicemail with frequency. If you are not selected in this process, don't worry, we will keep your resume on file for other potential future positions that could be a good match.

Here at International TEFL Academy, as global citizens, we recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to the culture of our organization. International TEFL Academy is an equal opportunity workplace.

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