As Global Citizens, we are committed to helping those in need locally & around the world.

Learn how, by investing in an International TEFL Academy TEFL Course, you help us give back to local communities and make a difference around the world.


Learn how, by investing in an International TEFL Academy TEFL Course, you help us give back to local communities and make a difference around the world.


International TEFL Academy believes it is our responsibility to leave the world a better place than how we found it.  Our staff, instructors, and students are Global Citizens, and we realize how fortunate we are to travel and live abroad.  We have a commitment to make an impact on the world, both large and small, by direct involvement or by simply spreading the word on what each one of us can do.

When you enroll with International TEFL Academy, you choose a TEFL Certification Provider that commits a portion of its profits to international charities every year, and provide free ESL lessons to our local community in Chicago.  We also hope to offer guidance and suggestions to others on how they can make a difference in the lives of others around the world. 


Total Donations Made by International TEFL Academy


Total Charitable Organizations
Helped by ITA


Non-natives who received free ESL classes from ITA in Chicago


In 2019, The Bahamas were hit by Hurricane Dorian. In addition to donating to Chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen, we also supported a mix of international and local organizations:

World Central Kitchen - Bahamas Relief | Chicago Public Library Foundation | OpenLands | Food not Bombs | Rainforest Alliance Network | Out our Front Door | Rotary International | Inner City Muslim Network | The Night Ministry | Hostelling International Travel Scholarships | Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary | Almost Home Chicago | IRC | The Foundation for Learning & Youth Travel Education (FLYTE)


In 2018, we donated to a mix of international and local organizations - whether it was to help fight against bushfires in California, help Syrian refugees, or preserve The US wilderness:

All Hands Disaster Relief | Hi USA | Now Boarding | IRC - Syria Relief | ILGA | Project Fierce Chicago | Equality Illinois | National Park Fund | Openlands | Conservation Lands Fund


In 2017, we donated to a mix of international and local organizations in the field of education, environment, and local and international aid:

Refugee One |  ACLU | IRC | Mujarave | WITS Chicago |  The Heartland Alliance | The Night Ministry | Rainforest Action Network | National Park Fund | Clean Water Action | Rationall | Trek to Teach |  Rainforest Action Network | ACLU | Reading In Motion

2016 saw Hurrican Matthew in Haiti, and a massive earthquake in Ecuador. In addition to donating to both reliefs, we supported a mix of international and local organizations:

Reading in Motion | Unicef - Ecuador Earthquake Relief | Charity Water | Pencils of Promise | Mujarave | Huilo Huilo Foundation | DevelopEd | Unicef - Hurricane Matthew Relief | Oxfam | The White Helmets


In 2015, we donated to a mix of international and local organizations:

Emergency donation to Nepal Relief | Heartland Alliance | Amnesty International | The Night Ministry | Oxfam Unwrapped
2014 & BEFORE

ITA was founded in 2010. It was clear from the beginning that giving back was at the core of our company. Between 2010 and 2014, despite being busy starting a company off the ground, we made a point to donate to the following international and local organizations:

Hostelling International - Chicago | Mama Hope Project | Charity Water | Bachpan Bachao Andolan | Malala Fund | Reading in Motion | Haiti Relief Funds | Donations to American Red Cross | GoAbroad Foundation Relief Fund

Charities We Support

ITA Student Highlights.

Whether at home or overseas, ITA alumni are deeply vested in making a difference and helping out their local communities. Here's a quick shoutout to a few of them, and the incredible work they're doing:

MaryAlice Skidmore
& Katie Gettys

MaryAlice & Katie are best friends. After getting TEFL certified with ITA, they took their friendship to the next level and now volunteer teaching at the Wildflower Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Watch the video & see what their daily lives in Thailand look like!




Volunteer Teaching in India

Magda Ksiazak

Magda Ksiazak is an International TEFL Academy graduate who, after getting her TEFL certification in Chicago, went on to volunteer teaching in Dharamsala, India.

"I met some truly amazing people and learned SO much from my students, many of whom I keep in touch with."

Check out Magda's amazing story in her Q&A.




ITA alumni, want your charitable initiatives to be featured?
Get in touch!

ITA Staff Highlights.

The ITA family is comprised of very unique & thoughtful people. Our staff cares about you and your teaching career overseas as much as they care about the world they live in.


On February 4, 2020, a few of us at ITA volunteered with our neighbors at the Holy Covenant United Methodist Church to provide a free dinner for the hungry, homeless, and people seeking community in the neighborhood. Guests are served a three-course, sit-down dinner. The church has been doing this every Tuesday since 1992!

Meet ITA advisor, Glenn

Student Affairs Advisor Glenn loves exploring the beauty of the Midwest, and does a lot of bicycling and camping to get to that beauty.

He suggested that ITA donate to the organization Openlands because he sees them as one of the premier nature conservation organizations in the Chicago region.

Openlands protects the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region.




Glenn - ITA
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