Nicaragua TEFL Volunteer Program

Gain hands-on teaching experience and make a difference in the lives of others while living & teaching English in beautiful Nicaragua.

TEFL Volunteer Program in Nicaragua

This exclusive ITA 3-4 week volunteer program to teach English in Leon, Nicaragua to local street children & orphans provides a unique opportunity to ITA students & graduates.  It provides valuable teaching experience while living in the heart of Central America and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.  

Proyecto Barrilete is an after-school program for orphans and unfortunate children in the neighborhood of Guadalupe, León.  These children come here to eat lunch, learn, play and receive assistance with their schoolwork.  The situation for these children is quite difficult and volunteer teachers must prepare themselves to work in such conditions. Volunteers will receive training with the staff before the first day of volunteering and a reflection session after the first day. 

Volunteers will be mainly teaching the older students in the afternoons for a minimum of 4 hours per day but there may be an opportunity to teach the younger children in the mornings.  These children need you to provide them with high-quality English lessons and give them an advantage over their peers.  As you will quickly see, offering English from native English speakers with a high quality of certification means that these children have an opportunity to “break the cycle” through education.

PROGRAM OPTIONS: This program is open to graduates of the ITA Nicaragua TEFL Class, the Online TEFL Class & all other ITA Onsite TEFL Courses.

Learn More About the Options

Teaching English in Leon Nicaragua

Option 1: Nicaragua TEFL Class Students

  • For those who take their 4-week TEFL Class in Leon Nicaragua

  • Program Duration: 4-week TEFL Class + 3-week Volunteer Program = 7 weeks total

  • Cost Breakdown: (not including flights, personal expenses & insurance):
    4-week TEFL Class tuition: $1899 
    Volunteer Program Fee: $500
    Estimated housing cost for 7 weeks (4 weeks TEFL class + 3 weeks for Volunteer Program) = $350 - $700 depending on chosen housing option

    Estimated total cost: $2750 - $3100

Teaching English in Leon Nicaragua

Option 2: Online Class Students & Students from All Onsite Classes EXCEPT Nicaragua

  • For those who take the Online TEFL Class or any In-Person TEFL Class that is not the Nicaragua Class.

  • Program Duration: 4-weeks

  • Cost Breakdown: (not including flights, personal expenses, TEFL class & insurance):  
    Volunteer Program Fee: $500
    1-Week Hybrid Practicum Fee: $450
    Estimated housing cost for 4 weeks: $170 - $350 depending on chosen housing option

    Estimated total cost: $1050 - $1350

Learn More about the Nicaragua TEFL Volunteer Program


Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Optional Activities & Cultural Highlights

  • Volcano surfing
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Lake cruises
  • Beach excursions (the coast is 20 minutes away by taxi or 40 minutes by public bus)
  • Exploring local markets and villages
  • Attending local festivals

Note: Some activities require extra costs.  

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Housing Options

Housing is not included with tuition, but once you enroll for your course, the onsite course director can assist you with making housing arrangements for the duration of your Nicaragua TEFL Course. Typical options include (availability & prices subject to change):

Homestay - Live with a Nicaraguan family within minutes of the school and build relationships that will last a lifetime. Prices range from $170 - $200 per month.

Hostels, Hotels & Guesthouses - ITA Nicaragua can provide enrolled students with assistance with arranging accommodations in a variety local hotels & hostels. Services & amenities (WiFi, private bath, etc.) will vary - pricier options will include private studios & even access to a pool at the Hotel Leon Viejo. Price: $170-$320.  

Pricing is subject to change at any time. Students are free to make their own housing arrangements as long as they are able to participate on time each day.

Enrollment Information:
Nicaragua Volunteer Program

IMPORTANT! Before enrolling for any International TEFL Academy TEFL course, it is imperative that you Contact International TEFL Academy for more information about TEFL Certification in Florencespeak to an Admissions Advisor.
Please note that you MUST take an International TEFL Academy TEFL course (online or onsite) to be eligible for the volunteer teaching program:
1. Enroll into Nicaragua TEFL class or any other ITA TEFL class if you have not already enrolled for one of ITA's TEFL classes.
2. Contact Student Affairs at International TEFL Academy (to help you enroll into the volunteer program).
Student Affairs will put you in touch with the onsite coordinator in Nicaragua.
3. Pay 25% deposit of your total balance to the onsite coordinator in Nicaragua and sign the Volunteer Agreement and Contract to secure your space in the program.
4. Pay final balance to onsite coordinator in Nicaragua 30 days before your program start date.
5. Attend webinar orientation meeting with the onsite coordinator on the volunteer teaching program with Proyecto Barrilette – you will be learning more about the program, the children, hardships you may face, and how to prepare yourself.
6. Book your plane ticket to Managua, Nicaragua.
7. Pack and make sure to read ITA’s Packing and Travel Checklist