Teaching English 
In Greece

A cradle of Western Civilization, Greece is known for being the birthplace of both democracy and the Olympic games.

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Teaching English in Greece 101

While there is a strong need demand for English language instruction (the national economy relies heavily on tourism and international trade), Greece represents a more challenging job market for any teacher who does not already have citizenship from a qualified European Union (EU) nation or working rights in Greece. This is due in large part to the recent collapse of the Greek economy and because of visa regulations, the national network of language schools, known as frontisteria, are reluctant to employ non-European Union citizens who do not already possess residency and legal working rights. Currently, we recommend for non-EU citizens in particular that would like to teach in this area to consider Turkey which is right next door, has similar characteristics, and boasts a strong English teaching market.

European Union citizens and those who already possess residency and working privileges in addition to a BA degree and TEFL certification can find jobs throughout the country.

For those looking to make a go of it, securing a job in Greece requires teachers, who can work in the country legally, to be in-country on the ground during the peak hiring seasons of September and January. It is highly recommended to apply and send resumes and cover letters ahead of time, but it is very important to visit schools directly once in country. And be prepared to network - jobs  are often acquired through word of mouth. 

Wages are modest, but typically high enough to cover basic expenses. In addition to working at language schools, many teachers take advantage of private tutoring opportunities to boost their income.  English teachers need to typically have a BA to teach in Greece, as well as a TEFL certification. Major centers for English teaching jobs are Athens, Larissa, Corfu, Thebes, and Thessaloniki.

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