Aubrey Adams | Student Affairs Manager

Aubrey Adams | Student Affairs Manager

What's your role at International TEFL Academy?

I am the Student Affairs Manager as of May 2023.

What's your story?

My family is French-Canadian, so I have always grown up with the understanding that there are different cultures and languages to explore. I first embarked on overseas travels during high school, starting with two humanitarian trips to Guatemala. Intrigued by immersive experiences off the beaten path, I made international travel, learning, and experiences a long-term goal.

In college, I spent a transformative summer in Uganda, teaching and living in a local orphanage. This, along with my previous experiences, inspired me to pursue a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. In college and after graduation, I taught English in Thailand, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. In Washington, D.C., I worked as faculty and the Director of Student Services at private adult English schools, serving diverse learners from over 85 countries. In addition, I worked remotely as a Faculty Trainer and Senior Curriculum Developer for an adult language school in Guatemala, overseeing their online and in-person classes.

Where are you from, where did you go to college & what did you major in at college?

I am originally from Dayton, Ohio and went to Liberty University in Virginia where I studied Teaching English as a Second Language.

What was your first travel abroad experience like?

My first trip abroad took me to Guatemala as a young teenager. I joined a team of other young adults from across the States and we collaborated with local churches, NGOs and schools, offering assistance wherever it was needed. I was able to meet Luis, my sponsored child through Compassion International, which in itself was reason enough to visit the country. Venturing beyond the cornfields of Ohio, I was mesmerized with the contrasting landscapes of mountains and volcanoes, unfamiliar customs and new flavors. This trip opened my eyes to a world far removed from my hometown, forever expanding my perspective and creating an eternal itch to experience more.

What countries have you visited?

Canada, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Israel, and Uganda.

Where have you lived/taught abroad?

I taught English in the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Uganda and Guatemala short-term, and for nearly 10 years have taught students from over 85 countries living in or visiting the United States.

Best travel story?

During our expedition in Uganda, my team pooled our funds to provide an incredible safari experience for the children. Driving through the night in six vans, we were just yards away from a lioness and her cubs when two punctured tires (in my van!) left us stranded. With no guardrails or fences to protect us, we swiftly unloaded the kids and waited anxiously for over two hours until a mechanic arrived. Keeping 20 kids quiet and corralled while waiting next to a protective mama lion was an unforgettable experience (that I don’t think I ever told my mom)!

Favorite ethnic food?

I will try anything at least once! But my go-to favorites are Thai and Vietnamese. When I go back to Guatemala, nothing can beat a street taco or some shucos!

What are you looking most forward to about working at ITA?

To learn, grow, collaborate and improve together as a company and SA team: empowering English educators and their commitment to quality education, enhancing the student experience, and empowering ITA Alumni to make a lasting impact through English education.

Aubrey Adams International TEFL Academy Student Affairs Manager
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