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Teaching English in Ecuador 101

Boasting a striking array of geographic diversity (including the Galapagos Islands) in addition to bustling historic cities and a rich indigenous culture, Ecuador represents a growing job market for teaching English in Latin America. 

Hiring for English teachers in Ecuador is typically conducted in February-March and again in July and August. English teachers should expect to interview in person locally in Ecuador. Most English teachers work primarily at independent language schools, and many work part-time as private tutors.


A solid hourly wage and a low cost of living enable English teachers to live modestly, but comfortably.  Schools typically offer around 20-25 hours per week of work, leaving you plenty of opportunities to travel and explore.  English teachers do not need to have a BA to teach in Ecuador, but a TEFL certification is absolutely necessary.  Major cities for English teaching jobs are Cuenca, Quito, and Guayaquil.  

Please note, that while a Bachelor's degree is not required to secure a job in Ecuador, it still can be strongly preferred by employers.  If you do not have a degree, you should be prepared for a more competitive job search.

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