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Want to fill out our questionnaire about your experiences abroad & get paid?

  • Spend 10 minutes, give us your feedback, send some cool pictures and make $ 35!
  • The International TEFL Academy Alumni Association is looking for your perspectives & your stories to share with other alumni and future students!
  • All Q&A submissions that meet the criteria listed below will receive $25 USD via Paypal or Amazon Gift Card - plus an extra $10 if you submit 5 photos! 
  • Your Q&A will be published on our website and promoted through ITA social on Twitter, Facebook & Google+.
  • Note: Q&A's are best when you have already been overseas for a period of time.  We require you to have been teaching abroad at least 3 months before submitting your Q&A.

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Alumni Q&A Submission Guidelines

  • COMPLETE THE Q&A: Go to our questionnaire site and fill out the Alumni Q&A survey and share your experiences. Your perspectives will be of immense value to prospective teachers who want to teach abroad! Please only fill out this survey if you are currently teaching abroad for at least 3 months or have already taught abroad.

  • DO YOU HAVE A BLOG OR WEBSITE? Post the link in the survey and we will link to it on our site and in social media.

  • SUBMIT PHOTOS: Upload 5 photos and we will pay you an extra $10.  Photos should bring to life your experience abroad.  We love teaching photos & photos of you with your students, in addition to photos of you in your destination country and photos of daily life (your neighborhood, your apartment, you with your friends, traveling on the weekends, local markets, eating out, etc.)
  • LEGALESE: By filling out this questionnaire, you give International TEFL Academy ownership rights and permission to publish your information and pictures.

Teaching English in Santiago, Chile - Q&A with Michael WOrkuSantiago, Chile English Teaching Q&A with Michael Worku
 Check out Michael Worku's Q&A about his experiences teaching English in Chile.


  • Each person who successfully completes this survey will receive $25 via PayPal or a digital Amazon Gift Card.
  • Extra money: Additionally, each person who submits 5 photos of themselves in the classroom, with friends abroad, traveling, etc. will receive an extra $10!
  • All participants will receive their money within 5 business days of completion.
  • NOTE: This survey is largely for prospective students who are researching options to make a life-changing decision to teach English abroad, so please take the time to answer each question with honesty & at least some detail. Don't mindlessly fill this out just to earn the $ 35!

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