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Submission Guidelines

Want to write an article about your experiences abroad & get paid?

  • The International TEFL Academy Alumni Association is looking for your travel stories and experiences to share with other alumni and future students!
  • All article submissions that meet the criteria listed below will receive $35 USD via Paypal or Amazon Gift Card!
  • Alumni are encouraged to write as many articles as they wish on different topics.  Payment is limited to 3 articles but we would love to publish more of your articles and promote your adventures & talents. 
  • All published articles will be published on our website and promoted through ITA social on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Google+.

Just follow the instructions below: 

Check out these examples!

Possible article topics
(but are not limited to):

A) If you haven't been abroad yet:

  • Tell us about your TEFL Course: classmates, in-person class or online experience, student teaching, etc.

  • Which country are you going to and why?

  • What inspired you to decide to teach abroad?

  • How are you preparing to teach/move abroad?

    NOTE: We will only publish one article that you write prior to going abroad.

    Teaching English in North Africa - Alumni Article by Adam LucenteTeach, Write, Love: Teaching English in North Africa 
    Adam Lucente's account of how teaching English in Tunisia led to a career in journalism.

B) If you are currently teaching abroad (for at least 3 months) or have already taught abroad:

  • Classroom experiences

  • Travel stories/anecdotes

  • Meeting new people abroad

  • What inspired you to teach abroad?

  • How has teaching abroad changed your life?

  • Adjusting to life abroad

  • Your life after returning home from teaching abroad.
    How did your experience impact your life?
    What are you doing now and how did this affect your new job or career?

Article Submission Guidelines

Feel free to be creative with your essays! Think about your emails you send to your friends and family describing your experience abroad, tell it in your voice.

It is important that the essay contributes to the theme of teaching and traveling abroad, evokes emotion, creates a feeling, and/or captures a moment. Try to provide inspiration to future ESL teachers!

Length of article:

Articles must be between 700-1,500 words.

Terms for article submission and eligibility for payment:

1. If you're writing about your teaching experience abroad, you should have been abroad for at least 3 months. 

2. Original content, this is the first time it has been on the internet including your blog (plagiarism is also no-no)

3. Appropriate language for publication on a higher education website (no F-bombs)

4. At least 700 words

5. Content in a positive tone

6. Mention the name of our TEFL school, International TEFL Academy

7. Mention the TEFL class you took (i.e. Online TEFL class, Barcelona Spain TEFL class, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam TEFL Class)

8. Must have at least 5 photos.  Please have at least one of yourself.

9. A short 2-3 sentence biography about yourself, does not go into the word count. (The reader wants to relate to you)

Example: John Smith is 23 from Smallville Kansas with a BA in history from Kansas State University in 2011. He was a reporter with the Daily Planet for 1 year before deciding to fly off to Shanghai China to teach English. 

Extra: If you have a blog, let us know and we will put it with your article and bio!

Submission Guidelines for ITA Alumni Articles about Teaching English AbroadCheck out the ITA Alumni Article Blog Feed

Photos Tips:

We will try to place the photos throughout the article to give the piece some visual oomph.


  • If you have a picture of yourself with some travel scene in the background that is a great shot

  • Teaching your students

  • Holding your TEFL certification

  • You with your new friends abroad

  • Scenery of unique things to your experience, the local food, signs in another language, etc. 

The more variety you send us the better options for layout.  If you have not gone abroad yet, a photo of you doing anything is fine.  People want to connect with a real person.

Article Title Tips:

Getting people to read notice your article in a social media post is 50% of the challenge.  Here's a great article on how to write compelling headlines:

How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can't Resist

Publication of articles & rights: 

International TEFL Academy Inc. owns the rights to the articles and photos submitted, the submitter agrees to have their articles and photos published.


All payments will be dispersed within 1 week of submission via Paypal or Amazon gift card.


Here's how to submit your article:

1. Send your article in a Word document to our Alumni Department:

2. Subject line of Email submission: Alumni Article Writing Submission

3. Include in the body of the email:

  • Your first and last nameArticle Submission Guidelines for International TEFL Academy Alumni
  • The TEFL class you took
  • The name of your article
  • 5 to 7 photos (the more the better options for a design layout)
  • PayPal information (your email associated with the PayPal account) or email address to send Amazon gift card


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