Are you interested in teaching English to children? Are you planning to apply for a major government public school program like JET in Japan, TAPIF in France, EPIK in Korea or the Cultural Ambassadors Program in Spain? Are you already teaching English to children, but want to enhance your skills, your marketability, and maybe even your income? 

As the TEFL field becomes increasingly competitive & specialized, employers are seeking teachers with the best & most advanced training. Here at International TEFL Academy we always strive to provide the best TEFL training & guidance possible, we are very proud to announce the launch of ITA's new 30-Hour Teaching English fo Young Learners Specialty Class.

Developed by leading TEFL experts & taught by university-level professors with extensive experience in these specific fields, this course is designed to provide you with specialized professional skills that will improve your performance in the classroom and to give you a leg up when applying for teaching positions. Students in this class will also gain access to a wealth of resources including videos, course design blueprints, & step-by-step activity plans that you will find invaluable in the classroom long after you complete your course. 

NOTE: All ITA Online TEFL Class students enrolled before June 30, 2019, will still have access to the old free 1-week Business English & Young Learner modules.

However, if you want to gain more skills, enjoy access to more resources & take a class with more than double the content and a stand-alone certificate, we highly recommend taking these new enhanced specialty classes. Even if you already completed the free 1-week version of the course, we recommend that you consider taking the new version of the course to boost both your skills and your marketability in addition to gaining access to new resources you can use in your teaching endeavors going forward.

What will you receive in the new enhanced specialty courses that weren't in the original free modules?

  • Expanded curriculum: These courses feature more than double the content, including comprehensive stand-alone textbooks, step-by-step guides for lesson planning & course design, & more-depth instruction for best practices & methodologies for teaching basic skills to young learners.
  • Access to invaluable resources & tools that you can use in the classroom: New courses include dozens of videos, course design blueprints, and step-by-step activity plans that you will use not only in the course but in the classroom going forward.
  • Other new features: stand-alone digital course certificate, increased peer-to-peer interaction, live webcast lectures, video chat hours with your professor & more!

For a more detailed breakdown of the differences between the original free bonus 1-week Teaching English to Young Learners module & the new enhanced 2-week Teaching English to Young Learners specialty course, check out the following video & chart:



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