The International TEFL Academy marketing team is made up of world-class writers, travelers, experienced bloggers, and journalists. We are committed to making your TEFL journey the smoothest experience possible. Our goal is to provide you with inspiring, insightful, and up-to-date information from day one of your TEFL research. We seek to break down, step-by-step, the process of teaching abroad to make sure you can easily find the information you are looking for and realizing your dream of traveling the world while teaching English. 

The Marketing team has published over 700 articles, FAQs, and Alumni stories. Recognized as thought leaders in the field of teaching English abroad, our writers have been featured on major websites, including:, InterExchange,, & many others.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Producing the most comprehensive and accurate information about all aspects of teaching English abroad for our readers, prospective ITA students and our alumni network.
  • Bringing the experience of living & teaching abroad to life by promoting great content & stories across our social media channels.
  • Website design, updates, and maintenance.
  • Updates and edits to Starter Guides and Country Charts.

Meet our Team

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John Bentley - Marketing Department

John Bentley

Director of Content Development

A lifelong traveler who grew up in Cairo, Egypt, John Bentley wrote for the Egypt-Israel Edition of the famous Let’s Go! guidebook series during his student days at Harvard and has worked in the fields of international travel, education, and journalism ever since. John is also a Senior Admissions Advisor. Learn more about John.

International TEFL Academy Marketing Department - Jessie Smith

Jessie Smith

Marketing Manager

Born & raised in Chicago, and a journalism major at the University of Iowa, Jessie took the ITA Online TEFL Course and taught English in South Korea & Vietnam before joining the team in 2014. She worked as an ITA Admissions Advisor before making the switch to the marketing team in 2016. Learn more about Jessie.

Lynda Galea International TEFL Academy Marketing Coordinator

Lynda Galea

Marketing Coordinator

An accomplished traveler and blogger, Lynda hails from Melbourne, Australia but now calls Chicago home. When she's not working with the ITA team spreading the word about teaching and traveling abroad, Lynda enjoys catching a new movie or broadway show, exploring the Chicago food scene, cooking, and snuggling with her adorable kitten. Learn more about Lynda.

Stéphane Le Mentec International TEFL Academy Marketing Coordinator

Stéphane Le Mentec

Marketing Coordinator

A passionate traveler from Brittany, France, Stéphane has always been eager to explore the world. He lived in 4 different countries and traveled to 15 more. Having now made Chicago his home, he will never have to worry about being “abroadsick” again. When Stéphane is not marketing ITA, you can probably find him at Wrigley Field trying to catch his second foul ball. Learn more about Stéphane.

Meet the Staff - International TEFL Academy

Meet the Rest of the ITA Team

Meet the Team

All of our staff members have lived, traveled, and/or taught internationally, and we are all passionate about travel and living abroad. Our goal is to enable others to live their dream of teaching English abroad & traveling the world. Meet the Team.

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