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Thank you for volunteering to include your Instagram handle on our Alumni Ambassador Instagram Index page. Being a ITA Alumni Instagram Ambassador provides you with an incredible opportunity to chat with prospective students and alumni and have an impact on what their teach abroad experience will be like. This is your chance to empower them and help shape this life-changing journey they will soon embark on!

The Instagram Index page will not be listed publicly on the ITA website, but instead, be provided to prospective students and alumni directly through their ITA Admissions Advisor.

The page will allow prospective students and alumni the opportunity to reach out to those in cities/countries of interest to them and directly ask you questions (via Instagram) about your experience teaching English abroad in that specific location. You can expect questions like:

What are your monthly expenses like?
How did you find your apartment?
What were the hardest parts about transitioning to live in your city/country?
What is your teaching schedule like?


- What happens if I am asked a question I am unsure of the answer to?
Instruct the student to get in touch with their ITA Advisor.

- What happens if I am asked a question regarding buying their TEFL certification?
Same as above, instruct the student to simply get in touch with their ITA Advisor
and we will take it from there!

- What happens if I am asked a question I am uncomfortable answering?
Don't answer the question. If the student is causing what you consider to be a
legitimate problem, instruct them to get in touch with ITA.

- How can I have my Instagram handle removed from this Index Page?
Simply email alumni@internationalteflacademy.com and ask for it to be removed.

*Please note, a majority of the students reaching out to you are already enrolled in a TEFL class. A small number might be reaching out before they have officially enrolled. So if it's clear the student has not enrolled yet and they are asking nitty gritty
TEFL questions, just refer the student back to his/her ITA Advisor. An example of this might be - I'm between ITA and some other TEFL company, why should I choose ITA over this other school? 

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