Our Employer Comparison Chart makes it easy for you to compare popular online ESL schools by breaking down things like educational requirements, rates of pay, contract lengths, minimum hours, and much, much more!

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Best TEFL Options For Teaching Abroad

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Employer Comparison Chart For Teaching English Online


What's In My Free Chart?

  • School List: Popular online ESL schools + links to their application pages;

  • Teacher Requirements: Degree requirements, experience, interview & application processes, etc;

  • Money: A breakdown of hourly or per-class payment in $USD;

  • Students: Who you will be teaching;
  • Hours: Peak days/hours to teach for each online ESL school;

  • Internet: Speed & connection details;

  • Course Materials: Indication as to whether course materials and lesson plans are provided, or if you are producing your own.
In addition, you will receive our Teach English Online Guide & our World Country Chart that compares salaries, start-up costs, living costs, and the ability to save money teaching English in more than 50 countries around the world. You will also be provided with expert advice from an experienced advisor who is available to answer your questions.

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Teach English Online

Kandarp Patel
Teaches Online in Spain

"Teaching English online is not only very convenient, but it also pays very well. You are free to travel and move between cities without worrying about breaking contracts or finding a new employer!"

Teach English Online

Abigail Jacobs
Teaches Online in Vietnam

"The stress levels are low! Teaching online allows me to be free of worry and focus on the student in a really positive way. Bye bye, anxiety!"

Teach English Online

Kelly Schultz
Teaches Online in Asia

"I love the consistency of having the same students. There are some days where I only teach one class online and then I'm out exploring a new city!"

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