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Best TEFL Certification Course For Teaching English in China

Armand Diab
Shenzhen, China

"The teaching training that I received at the International TEFL academy was invaluable in my preparation as an ESL teacher. Honestly, I don't think I would've been able to teach currently had I not taken the class itself."

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Nicole Townsend
Zhengzhou, China

"I did a lot of research and found that International TEFL Academy had a lot of great information about the course and that they would be helpful in finding a job afterward. The online TEFL class schedule also worked well with my work schedule, allowing me to complete it quickly and efficiently."

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Chelseigh Robinson
Harbin, China

"I hope to make teaching English my career one day and I think that being TEFL certified makes you a stronger potential employee. I chose the International TEFL Academy because they were very personal and helpful during the time when I was trying to decide where to become certified."

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