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  • 30 pages detailing the world of teaching English abroad, including in Europe;
  • Country Chart: Compare salaries, hiring requirements & more in 50+ countries;
  • One-on-One Guidance:  Get your questions answered by experienced advisors, all of whom have lived & worked overseas;
  • TEFL Certification Options: Accredited Online & International TEFL TESOL courses in 25 locations worldwide;
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance to gain employment teaching English in 80+ countries worldwide.

International TEFL Academy Alumni:

All our graduates receive lifetime job search guidance for gaining employment teaching English in more than 80 countries worldwide, including personal assistance from experienced advisors.

best TEFL Course For Teaching English Abroad

Alexa Hill
Bologna, Italy

"I chose International TEFL Academy because my advisor and all of the staff members seemed so eager to help me. I'm so grateful for all of the ITA staff who have made my dream of teaching abroad in Italy possible for me!"

Best TEFL Class For Teaching English Abroad

Christina Bates
Madrid, Spain

"I did some extensive research and majority of the advice recommended to get TEFL certified. The benefits just outweighed any possible negatives. Once I started researching where to get TEFL certified, I came across ITA and I was amazed by their years of experience in the industry, their reviews, and how organized and simple they made the process."

Best TEFL Programs For Teaching English Abroad

Tom Buskey
Prague, Czech Republic

"There were many options out there to get certified and some for less money, but when you factor in all of the positive reviews, feedback, and resources that ITA has, it makes the decision pretty easy. You want a company that is recognized and respected globally in the TEFL markets and ITA definitely has that."

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