Alumni Referrals Program

Refer Your Friends to ITA & Earn Up to $150 When They Enroll!


  • Are you an International TEFL Academy graduate or current student?
  • Do you have friends or family who want to teach English abroad?
  • Do you have a travel blog or active social media presence?

If so, then participate in the ITA Alumni Referral Program!

For every person you refer to ITA who enrolls in one of our TEFL classes, you receive a thank you of $100!

The best part - the more friends you refer the more money you earn! 

  • $100 for each of the first 2 friends you refer;
  • $125 for each of the 3rd and 4th friends you refer;
  • $150 for your 5th friend and each thereafter! 

international TEFL Academy referral program

Here’s THE KEY:

The person you refer to must work with the same Admissions Advisor as you did. Remember that person who helped answer your initial questions about TEFL certification and helped you enroll in your TEFL class? That's the one. 

You can introduce your friend and your ITA Admissions Advisor via email, have your friend give your Admissions Advisor a call directly, or pass along a link for your advisor's referral page, where they can fill out a form to receive more information and list your name as their referrer.  You can find a link for your advisor's referral page here

Other Tips & Requirements:

  • Referral from your blog:
    You're welcome to post about the ITA Alumni Referral program on your blog or social media. These referrals are all fair game. Be sure to alert your readers that anybody who learns about ITA from you must also work with your same Admissions Advisor.
  • Use Your Admissions Advisors Unique Referral Page
    Your Admissions Advisor can give you a unique link to put on your blog or social media so you can effortlessly share this referral program with your friends (and still get the credit & cash!) Get in touch with your Admissions Advisor for more info and the link! You can also find your Admissions Advisor's link here.

The fun fine print:

  • You will receive your referral bonus only when the person you referred begins their TEFL course.
  • All payments will be made through PayPal; you will be responsible for giving your PayPal account information to your advisor so that you can be paid your bonus.
  • The person you're referring MUST work with the same Admissions Advisor as you did. So you must make the introduction between your friend and your Admissions Advisor from the start. 

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