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Each year more than 3,000 people from all backgrounds earn their TEFL certification from International TEFL Academy and gain employment teaching English in 80 countries worldwide from Spain and Thailand to Costa Rica and Japan.  To learn how you can get paid to live and travel abroad as an English teacher, fill out the form to receive:

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  • Job Search Guidance:  Learn about the job placement assistance that our students and graduates have received to gain employment teaching English in 80 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America & the Middle East.

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"I knew that I had a better chance of getting a job if I earned my TEFL certification. I found International TEFL Academy and contacted them immediately. The response I received was fantastic: it was encouraging, informative and prompt. Teaching abroad was always a dream of mine, now, it is my daily reality, and it is every bit as romantic & exciting as I imagined it would be." 

- Colleen Constestabile of Scottsville, NY, now teaching English in Taiwan.


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