University Advisors & Faculty

Resources & Information for Teaching English Abroad

  • Do you know recent study abroad participants who are eager to get back overseas?
  • Do you work with college seniors and recent graduates who are apprehensive about entering one of the most challenging job markets in decades?
  • Would you like to offer the young people at your institution the information they need to travel the world and get international work experience on their resume?

Jobs for New College Graduates - Teaching English Abroad

It’s no secret that new college graduates face one of the toughest job markets in generations, but there is one field that offers viable employment opportunities to nearly any college student or recent graduate in addition to the life-changing experience of living overseas: teaching English abroad. No prior teaching experience or degree is required!

A world leader in TEFL Certification for teaching English abroad, International TEFL Academy created our Department of University Relations specifically to assist university students, alumni & advisors & to provide you with the resources & information you need about teaching English abroad.

Here are some great resources to share with your students: