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Jury: Please View All 6 of These Films & Use The Scorecards Linked Below To Judge Them

All films are made by alumni that have gone through International TEFL Academy's TEFL Certification program and have taught/are teaching English abroad or online.

Films should touch on the topics 'Teach, Travel, & Explore' and are judged based on the below set of criteria:

  • Storytelling: 30% // The film has a clear message and a unique storyline. Rich and vibrant storytelling that engages, amuses or provokes the viewer.
  • Creativity & Originality: 25% // The effective use of imagination as evidenced in the entry. Original and captivating. Imaginative writing and directing. Presents the theme in an interesting way.
  • Cinematography: 20% // The quality of cinematography or videography demonstrated in the work. Effective visuals, clear images appropriate for the storyline. High quality of filming allowing the audience to experience the film.
  • Production: 15% // Images are arranged logically in a way that fits the purpose of the film. Visually appealing and interesting. Creates a lasting impression and a positive viewer experience. 
  • Online Voting: 10% // During the week of March 30, 2020, all finalist films will be available to the public for a 48-hour online viewing and voting period through the International TEFL Academy Teach Abroad Film Festival page. Online viewers will be given the opportunity to watch all finalist film submissions online and vote for their favorite film.


Films 1 & 2: Please use scorecard #1 found here

- Benoit Potvin: Make Great Memories
- Courtney Dart: Peace, Love, & Indonesia 

Films 3 & 4: Please use Scorecard #2 found here

- Jonas Hudnall: Traveling Solo Internationally For The First Time
- Steven Cruse: Empty Spaces

Films 5 & 6: Please use Scorecard #3 found here

- Ryan Thompson: Life's Cross-Training
- Kenny Nguyen: The Other Side of Fear 

*Scorecards must be completed and submitted no later than Wednesday, March 18, 2020.*


Finalist Films

You can view all six finalist films below. They appear in the same order as their scorecards above.

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