Meet The International TEFL Academy Staff


Tyler Parsons

Admissions advisor

 What is your role at international TEFL Academy?

I am an Admissions Advisor! 

What's Your Story?

As a child I had one dream and one dream only: to be the 6th member of New Kids On The Block (for you youngins, they were One Direction before One Direction but way cooler). I had the music videos, practiced the dance moves, and prepared my moves to dodge paparazzi. Sadly, I was never given the opportunity and I suck at singing. So for the next 20 years I kind of just went through life without one, which leaves you feeling a bit helpless.

I had always wanted to live abroad but thought it was something I could never do, until one day I got a jolt of boldness and took off for Hong Kong! The years that followed were the craziest and most amazing in my life. Even though I am back in the U.S. now, the experiences I shared and places I was blessed to see stick with me every single day.

Tyler taught English in Hong Kong!

TEFL Certification Hong Kong


Where are you from, where did you go to college & what did you major in at college?

California born and raised. I once lived in the O.C. but it was nothing like the TV show and I lived in a suburb of Sacramento that was exactly like the TV show. Weird how that works. Overall, I lived in 8 throughout the Golden State and went to school in a small college town in Chico, California (Chico State University). I majored in Journalism where I learned that if I am terrible at writing, I can just call it ‘art’ and ‘experimental’ and maybe get away with it.

What countries have you visited?

El Salvador, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Macau (does that count?), Thailand, China, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, South Africa, Dubai, England 

What's next on your list?

Argentina, Czech Republic, Germany 

Where have you lived, worked or traveled abroad long-term?

I spent 2.5 years in Hong Kong, and 2 months between South Africa and England.

What was one of your most memorable travel experiences?

Oh geez, probably the time I left Ukraine in a hurry. The job I accepted wasn’t working out and I decided to return to Hong Kong (that’s a longer story in itself), so I headed to the airport 2 hours before my flight. I couldn't secure a taxi, the one I finally did flag down wouldn’t take me. The on-site apartment manager’s boyfriend ended up driving me to the airport about 45 minutes before my flight. The airline was going to charge me $700 USD to check two bags. You read that correctly.

I argued with them, they wouldn’t let me speak to anyone else. They harassed me. 30 minutes before my flight now. I had to leave a bag full of belongings in the airport cause they wouldn’t let me check it. Then going through security, they took me to another room, gave me extended checks, and took my Playstation (I figured I would need it for the cold winters- terrible idea) and said it couldn't go through security and they were confiscating it. I barely made my flight.


Hanging Out in Cape Town

TEFL Certification International TEFL Academy

The Thrill of Travel

TEFL Certification Asia

Dont Ask...

TEFL Certification Rome, Italy

What is your favorite international cuisine?

I would say Mexican food, but growing up in California, I ate it every day. So since my travels, I have really grown to love Thai noodles and Egyptian cuisine.

Why do you like working at International TEFL Academy?

This is the best job I could have asked for. I get to spend my day with colleagues who have the same emphasis on travel and education as I do and love the lifestyle that comes with it. On top of that, I get to talk with students and help them get abroad and make stories of their own. Can’t beat it. Unless you were a marine biologist and swam with dolphins all day, maybe.