Refer a Friend, Get $100 When They Enroll

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How It Works

Share your unique link

Invite your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. - However you want!

Remember, to get credited for the referral:

  • You must share your unique link with your friends.
  • Your friends must fill out the form via the unique link you sent them.
  • Your friends must not already exist in our database, or be talking to our advisors already.

Your friend enrolls in a TEFL Class

When your friend enrolls in one of ITA's TEFL courses, you'll get credited for the referral.

1 friend who enrolls = 1 referral credit.

We give you $100 USD per friend that enrolls

You'll receive $100 USD for each friend that you referred to ITA when they enroll with us. It's that easy!

We'll even throw a little something for your friend when they enroll. Everyone wins!

Your Rewards


  • What is considered a referral?

    A referral is when your friend successfully enrolls with ITA after getting in touch with us via the unique referral link you shared with them.

    Sending your unique link to a friend DOES NOT count as a referral. They must fill out the form provided via your referral link and purchase their TEFL class with ITA for your referral to be counted.

  • How can I check the status of my referrals?

    Just visit this page anytime to see a real-time count of your referral progress.

  • When will I receive my referral rewards?

    Once your friend enrolls with ITA, it should take a few days for us to process your $100 payment via PayPal.

  • Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make?

    There are no limits! The more referrals you make, the more rewards $$ you get.

Refer a friend, Get $100 When they enroll!