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Amanda Hilliard

Online TEFL Class Professor

What class do you teach at International TEFL Academy & when did you start?

I have taught the Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Course 
since April 2018.

What is your educational background?

BA - Indiana University in Music and East Asian Languages and Cultures

MA - University of Birmingham, England in TEFL/TESL

PhD - University of Birmingham, England in Applied Linguistics

Where have you taught abroad AND IN THE U.S.?

I have taught overseas in South Korea, Vietnam, Ecuador, Tanzania and Hungary.  In the U.S. I have taught at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, at the Defense Language Institute in Texas, and at Arizona State University.

TEFL Certification International TEFL Academy

What countries have you visited?

South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Portugal, Tanzania, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico

What's your favorite travel memory?

When I was living in Ecuador, my friend took me to visit “El Gran Canyon,” or the Grand Canyon of Ecuador, a beautiful place in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. It was amazing not only because of the incredible landscape, but also because it was my first time cliff jumping! Being able to travel there with my friend, a local indigenous guide, just made it that much better. On other trips in Ecuador, I was also able to repel down a waterfall, ride on a swing at the edge of a cliff, and jump off a bridge. Facing my fears head on not only gave me an adrenaline rush, but also increased my confidence that I could overcome any challenges or obstacles that might be waiting for me in the future.

What Advice Do You Have for ITA Students Who Want to Teach English Abroad? 

Be flexible and open-minded! You’re going to experience culture shock and a different way of life. At times you’re going to be excited, frustrated, homesick, tired, etc. Keep an open-mind and try to roll with the punches. It’ll all be a new learning opportunity and a life-changing experience.

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