How do I submit my tasks for my online course?

How to submit written responses, activities and lesson plans, and quizzes for your online TEFL course in Moodle.

Tasks are submitted online in your course ( There are two
types of tasks- Forums (F) and Quizzes (Q). Forum tasks will be completed either by
uploading a file or by copying and pasting text into the appropriate forum. Tasks titled
Written Response will ask you to copy and paste text. Tasks titled Activity or Lesson Plan
will ask you to upload file(s).



Submitting Written Responses

In order to submit forum tasks labeled as Written Responses, work outside of Moodle to
type and save your work (e.g., MS Word, Google Docs). Then go to the task and scroll
down until you see Add Submission. Click on Add Submission and copy and paste your
answer in the box titled Online Text. When you are done, select Save Changes.


Submitting Activities and Lesson Plans

In order to submit a forum task labeled as an Activity or Lesson Plan, read the task
directions and download (or recreate) any templates. Write directly on the template
and save your work. Once you have completed your activity or plan, click Add
Submission. Upload your task document by clicking the add file icon and search your
computer for the correct file, or by dragging and dropping the appropriate file into the
upload box. Once it is attached, click on Save changes.



Submitting Quizzes

In order to submit a task in the form of a quiz, click on the correct quiz task and select
Attempt Quiz Now. After you have finished answering all the questions and are ready
to submit, scroll and click on Finish attempt and then select Submit all and finish. Each
task in a quiz format allows for one attempt and 60 minutes to complete it.

View the video tutorials page in your Moodle course for additional guidance on how to
submit tasks.