Employment Opportunities in the Czech Republic

How do I find a job in the Czech Republic?

Finding a job in the Czech Republic typically requires that the English teacher is already in the Czech Republic and finds a job by visiting schools in person.  Read International TEFL Academy's guide How to Find a Job in the Czech Republic for more information.  

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Recruiters are companies that assist job seekers (English teachers in this case) in finding English teaching jobs abroad. Essentially, they act as the middle man between the English teacher and the school but don’t ultimately hire the English teacher. Currently, International TEFL Academy is unaware of any recruiters that work with language schools throughout the Czech Republic.


Government-Run Programs


Language Schools

As previously mentioned, the most common place to work in the Czech Republic is at private language schools. Use the resources below as a way to search language schools that you can apply to work for by directly contacting the school once in the Czech Republic.


Job Boards

English teaching jobs in the Czech Republic are typically found “on the ground” however, positions can sometimes be found job boards that post openings throughout the Czech Republic. At this time, ITA is not aware of any ESL job boards for the Czech Republic. For a list of ESL job boards, please refer to the back of this Job Search Guidance Manual in the Resources for Your Job Search section.

  • ITA Alumni Job Board - Hosted on Facebook, this job board is open ONLY to ITA students, alumni and ITA’s Premier Partners and Associated Schools. Any partner recruiter, school or organization that posts ESL job openings in this group has been vetted and trusted by ITA. 


Private Tutoring

One of the best ways to earn extra cash while teaching English is to tutor ESL/EFL students privately. Getting clients for private lessons is a marketing exercise, and all the avenues that seem appropriate to your circumstances have to be explored. Here are some ways you can market yourself:

  • Post notices in schools and universities, coffee shops, supermarkets or corner shops.
  • Run an advertisement in the local paper.
  • Send notices to local public schools, announcing your willingness to work with local students on their English.
  • Compile a list of addresses of professionals (lawyers, architects, etc.) who may need English for their work and have the resources to pay for it. Then contact them.
  • Call on export businesses, distribution companies, perhaps even travel agencies.
  • Get ESL business cards made before you leave your home country that have your name, email address, and phone number on them (if applicable.)


Other Jobs

For possible volunteer, internship or summer camp opportunities, please refer to the back of the Job Search Guidance Manual in the Volunteer Positions, Internships & Religious Oriented Teaching Opportunities or the Summer Camp Opportunities section.