Czech Republic Overview

What should I know about the Czech Republic before my move?

Country Overview | Before You Travel to the Czech Republic


Country Overview

The Czech Republic or Česko as written in Czech is a country located in Eastern Europe. The country was united with its neighbor Slovakia making up the Czechoslovakian nation. The Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully split from one another in 1993 after the fall of the Soviet Union Bloc. Prague, the nation’s capital and largest city is a world renowned tourist attraction. The city was home to the Velvet Revolution of 1989 which brought down the despised Soviet controlled government and reinstalled a liberal democracy. The city is a beautiful example of a mixture pre-modern architecture including the Prague Castle, Soviet-inspired buildings, and modern structures as well.

The Czech people pride themselves on their beer and cuisine. The Czechs consume more beer annually than any other nation in Europe. Czech cuisine consists of different dishes which included meat and dumplings along with goulash, a traditional stew. According the World Bank, the Czech Republic has the highest human development and is the most democratic nation in the region.


Before You Travel to the Czech Republic

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