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Offering a captivating combination of Mayan ruins, charming colonial cities, and stunning scenic beauty, Guatemala is a small, but up-and-coming job market for teaching English in Latin America. 

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Teaching English in Guatemala 101

Famous for its world-class coffee and stunning volcanic landscapes, Guatemala is one of the smaller job markets for teaching English in Latin America.  That said, there are a growing number of opportunities and those who take advantage will be rewarded with an opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the nation's beauty and culture.

English teaching jobs in Guatemala are typically available from February - March and July - August, with expected downtimes falling through Christmas, Carnival, and Easter. In most cases, schools recruit teachers locally on the ground in Guatemala with in-person interviews. While a BA is preferred, it is not required to teach English in Guatemala, however, a TEFL certification is. Wages are modest - you certainly won't get rich teaching English in Guatemala - the cost of living is low, so you should expect to break even while living comfortably. The English teaching job market in Guatemala is strongest in major cities like Guatemala City and Mixco. 



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