What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Spain?

By Paige Lee

1.  NOT a requirement – Four-year college degree!

First, let’s start with what you don’t need to teach English in Spain, a completed 4-year college degree. Demand for English language education among Spaniards is robust and a native English speaker is the ideal educator for the world’s 2nd language. Therefore, it’s common for language schools or families looking to hire tutors based on the fact that they are a native speaker with a TEFL certification and not to prioritize a 4-year degree. Great news for the 1/4 of ITA’s certified teachers looking to live abroad without having completed their 4-year degree!

What is a Working Holiday Visa? Can I use it to teach English abroad?


Various countries throughout the world maintain reciprocal agreements with other nations that allow their citizens (typically youth under the age of 30 or 35) to work, live, and travel - usually for one year - in a foreign country legally through a Working Holiday Visa (also known as a "Youth Mobility Visa" in some cases). 

English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, and New Zealand have established numerous relationships with countries throughout the world, including many countries in Europe that are popular destinations for teaching English abroad, including France, Germany, Italy and some other European nations.

Can I Teach English in England or any English Speaking Country?

Are There Jobs for Teaching English in England, Ireland, Australia (or any English-Speaking Country)?

A native English speaker with a TEFL certification can realistically teach English in up to 100 countries around the globe from Argentina and Spain to Japan and Thailand.  Unfortunately, however, English-speaking countries are not typically viable job markets for teaching English abroad, particularly for Americans.  Why?