How quickly can I get TEFL certified and begin teaching English abroad?

An Essential Guide for How to Get Your TEFL Certification & Plan Your Timeline for Teaching English Abroad

If you can jump into an In-Person TEFL Course immediately and you plan on working in the location where you take the course, you can be certified and teaching English professionally in a little more than a month.  However, this scenario is not typical or realistic for most people and we recommend that you allow yourself 4-6 months to get your TEFL certification, make your arrangements, and conduct your job search prior to beginning your job as an English teacher abroad. 

What Are the Differences Between Joining the Peace Corps & Teaching English Abroad?

By Ashley Houston

If you’re a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 looking for a meaningful way to make an impact overseas, teaching English abroad and joining the Peace Corps are probably at the top of your list. There are many benefits to both opportunities, so as you’re comparing options it’s important to first understand the differences and similarities:

Will I Pay Taxes While Teaching English Abroad? [For Americans]

By: Doug Waxman with assistance from CPA & Expatriate Tax Consultant Gregory Lucyshyn

So…You are planning on getting TEFL Certified and teaching English abroad?  It sounds like the experience of a lifetime and you are ready to go.  But, you want to be smart and make sure you are fully prepared regarding all financial matters you will need to consider both at home and abroad, including taxes.

My name is Doug Waxman, Business Development Director & Admissions Advisor at ITA and I have teamed up with Gregory Lucyshyn with Expatriate Tax Consulting (MY ACCOUNTANT & also ITA’s preferred expat accountant) to help you out with the question, will I have to pay taxes while teaching English abroad?

Can I Earn My University Degree Online While Teaching English Abroad?

By: Tyler Parsons

What’s that old saying about cake and eating and keeping it for yourself? You can’t have your cake and eat it too? Not sure that phrase makes a lot of sense, but the point it’s conveying is that a person can’t have something both ways. That some situations call for a person to choose between two tough options. While that may be true in many cases in life, when it comes to advancing your education or traveling the world, maybe you don’t need to make that choice.

Bottom Line: Can you take university classes online or in-person & earn your degree at the same time you are teaching English abroad?

Yes - I did it myself. I earned my Master's Degree in Marketing while teaching English abroad in Hong Kong.

What Does it Mean to "Break-Even" Financially While Teaching English Abroad?

By: Michael Kunik

As you embark on your research for your options for teaching English abroad, you will likely encounter the term "breaking even" with reference to salaries for English teachers overseas. Europe and Latin America are comprised of some of the most popular English teaching destinations in the world.  However, most English teachers living there only make enough money to “break even” each month. This means you can cover your bills (rent, food, ulitilies, transportation, etc.), support yourself, live comfortably, & enjoy your life abroad to the fullest, but you shouldn't expect to save money at the end of the month


Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions circling around the TEFL field about what kind of impact this financial fact will have on an English teacher’s experience abroad. Fortunately for you, I’ve taught in one of these markets (Madrid, Spain), and I know the truth about teaching English in a “break-even” country. 

Can I Finish ITA's Online TEL Class in Less Than 11 Weeks?

By: Shay Ames

No — you can't graduate & receive your certificate in fewer than 11 weeks, though you can work ahead and complete many assignments in advance. Also, bear in mind that once you have enrolled in your class and have completed your enrollment documents and have paid your tuition, you can begin receiving Job Search Guidance, even before your Online TEFL Class begins

You are excited to jet set and start your new life teaching English abroad, but remember, you also want to ensure your decision to live and work in a new country is accompanied by a success plan and that takes a little prep.  That’s why we’re here!

Where Do Schools Provide Free Housing for Teaching English Abroad?

More than a quarter of a million native English speakers are employed to teach English abroad every year.  In many cases, those teaching English overseas will be hired locally and paid by the hour without receiving major benefits like free housing and airfare, though they do typically make enough to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle . 

However there are some countries, including some of the largest job markets in the world for teaching English abroad, where it is common or even routine for schools to provide English teachers with free housing as part of their contracts.

Can My Parents Speak with My TEFL Advisor about Teaching English Abroad?

Yes. We speak to parents and family members of  TEFL students all the time, and your advisor would be happy to answer any questions or concerns they might have regarding the TEFL certification process, English teaching jobs abroad, and general issues relating to living abroad like health insurance and security. Going to live in another country to teach English abroad is a big decision, and including your family members in the decision making process and receiving their support can be very helpful and important.