What are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Argentina?

By: Lindsay Campher Krasinski

Dream of dancing the Tango until dawn? Does the idea of the perfect steak and glass of Argentinian Temparnillo from a parillo make you want to jump on the next plane? And don’t get me started on the wonders of Patagonia…

Argentina is a wonderful destination with rich European culture mixed in with Latin American flavor. Now, how can you make your trip last longer so you can REALLY experience the life of an Argentine? Well, become an English teacher of course! Argentina boasts 6 months and 12 month contracts and the requirements may surprise you!

How Can I Teach English in China without a Degree?

By Havvah Holl

Teachers looking to move abroad will soon become familiar with China’s massive job market for TEFL teachers. With an almost absurdly large number of students who want to learn English, China is constantly hiring teachers, and offering great benefits to entice teachers to make the move. This demand gives China the unique distinction of being a country with a high savings potential, whether or not you have a university degree. It is key to understand the issue of visas, and that those without a degree may need to be more persistent and flexible in their job search.  Also, holding citizenship from a native English-speaking country, and getting a TEFL certification can both be important in most cases. 

Can I teach English abroad without a degree?

YES. You can teach English abroad in certain countries without a four-year university degree. 

Even without a four-year university degree, a native, or even a fluent non-native English speaker with a TEFL / TESOL Certification from International TEFL Academy can realistically find great opportunities in dozens of countries around the world including Spain, Costa Rica, Russia, and some nations in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Thousands of TEFL certified English teachers without a four-year degree gain employment as English teachers around the world each year.